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How about The Tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?
I’m ready for my close up, Mr. DeMille!

Dr. J., as you know, is a big Star Wars fan. He saw the original Star Wars on opening weekend as a yout’, and as best he could indoctrinate his Lil Sithlings in the ways of the Force.

He has even brought up the topic several times here at the site. Including Disney buying Lucasfilm and how he thought that it was a good thing. Today, Ain’t It Cool News discusses rumors that Zach Snyder (300, Watchmen, Man of Steel) is developing a stand-alone project based on The Seven Samurai (which itself was morphed in to the fantastic Magnificent Seven).

Dr. J.’s feelings are much like Quinn’s on multiple levels.

  • The Clone Wars did a delightful 22 minute version of A Bugs Life, The Seven Samurai a couple seasons back. It remains one of Dr. J.’s favorite episodes of the series. It would be hard to do a two hour film as a Clone Wars remake as Hayden Christensen can’t act and Dr. J. doubts Ewan McGregor will be willing to don his sandy robes for another outing. Though Matt Lanter, the voice of Anakin looks the part, and does a great job voicing Anakin, he’s never had a big live acting role. Given the budget, that’s an awful risk Vader, and it had better work. 
  • The idea of stand-alone projects strikes Dr. J. as great fun. So long as Disney keeps a leash on things, it is a big universe, and who says one has to stick to the Episode I,II,III…etc. formula. Oversaturation of the market will kill it. No more than one every other year. Clone Wars is better than any of the Prequels, and continuing the Skywalker Saga and doing nothing else seems like tying ones hands. Besides there is a generation of directors and writers who love and respect the material more than Lucas does. A Zach Snyder pic would be radically different than a Guillermo DelToro pic, or a Joss Whedon, or J.J. Abrams (Lens Flares!), not only with regard to directoral style, but subject matter. DelToro would find a way to effectively bring horror to the Star Wars Universe, while Joss Whedon could very well do a Mara Jade or other female jedi pic (he loves strong women) or space pirate story, and J. J. Abrams might do a rebel spy story. 
Dr. J. looks forward to this rumor if it is true, but Snyder has to have fun with it and do something different, avoid the Skywalker clan, otherwise it will fall flat. 

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