Democrats Blow A Chance: Will GOP Capitalize?

Some time past, the Czar provided a seven-part harangue against the Republicans and what they need to do to start winning some damn elections.

The GOP is doing some of them, but none of them quite well; however, many other folks have begun advocating more or less the same things.

One might get the idea that the GOP is nothing but a bunch of screw-ups, but in reality they are doomed to survive, whereas we also learned that the Democrats are destined to fail. Things could be happening a little faster, that’s for sure.

But overall the Democrats may have established their pattern of errors once again. Whereas the GOP screws up by not doing enough, the Democrats screw up by trying to do too much.

The gun control debate now raging in the imaginations of the media is one example. It has been observed that Democrats won the debate on healthcare—only in the sense it is now the law of the land. They were poised to win the debate on immigration—even the GOP is softening its stance on immigration reform under the assumption that an underwhelming number of Hispanics did not vote Republican often enough.

But instead of going from one victory to another even easier win, the Democrats decided to go for gun control, even though a consistent plurality of numbers show Americans reject the idea. And now they have embarrassed themselves badly on this front; why should the public accept their arguments any more on immigration?

The Republicans once again have been handed a golden opportunity: there are few more bipartisan issues out there than gun control—even a huge number of Democrats own and love firearms. The GOP can easily make hay out of this, but will probably spend more of its time cursing the darkness of Ron Paul rather than lighting a lamp. Making hay and lighting lamps; the Czar is having trouble with mixing metaphors again.

The point is that the Democrats had an easy victory queued up about immigration, but once again they screwed it up and ran with the wrong message. It is up the GOP to do something about that. The Czar expects to slap his own forehead once again.

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