Democrats Are Doomed: Why the GOP Silence?

The Czar has good news for Republicans. Unfortunately, the Republican Party has no clue what to do about this and is almost certain to miss the opportunity as well as fail to understand why this was good news. And so we’ll be stuck with the same hair-pulling frustration. Some days, being a conservative Republican is like being a Cubs fan. The Czar has plenty of experience with both.

The good news is that the Democrat party is monumental trouble. In fact, at this point, it’s unsurvivable as we know it. Loyal Democrats can thank the Progressives who filtered in one hundred years ago as well as the radicals that took over fifty years ago for the oncoming troubles.

Probably the Democrats know it; certainly, many of them do and have began to ratchet up the crazy tremors that presage the collapse. And many will ultimately point the finger at the current President but the real problems started back with Johnson.

Here we go.

Government is spending itself bankrupt, and virtually all of the spending increases have come from liberal programs.

That’s it. So why is this news?

Because the Democrats have no way to fix it. Maybe everybody missed it, but the fiscal cliff was a bigger success for the Republicans than many of us garment-rending teeth-gnashing conservatives admit. Yeah, Boehner screwed up by trying to negotiate with a terrorist or whatever we think, but the reality is this simple: Democrats wanted a massive tax hike, and all the American people would give them was a modest one.

The Democrats are not going to get another hike. And because they messed this up so badly, it will take a monster, career-ending tax hike across all social classes to pay off even a portion of the problem. They cannot pay for their own monster, and by default, spending and government need to decrease.

You can see the awareness among Democrats:

  1. Refusal by the Democrat-led Senate to pass a single budget since 2009. Not because they are lazy, but because Harry Reid and friends understand that a budget is a promise to limit spending. If they pass a budget, it will become all too apparent to the public that the Democrats are burning money up.
  2. Insistence by the President that there’s plenty of money. Okay. So where is it? Millionaires and billionaires! Corporate jet owners! Even the CBO found this amusing: the entire amount of money conceivable in all of America cannot pay off our current debt, let alone a fraction of it.
  3. The President tells Boehner that he’s getting awfully tired of hearing about government spending. Yeah, one wagers.
  4. Jay Carney says there is no need to reduce the deficit. Right. One doubts he treats his credit card company the same way.
  5. The Democrats’s refusal to address or promote a Ryan-like reduction package during the campaign. Because they haven’t got one. And they aren’t going to get one because the Democrats cannot call attention to how spectacularly unsuccessful massive federal social welfare programs are.

Those are only examples of how badly the Democrats are hiding the fact from the public. The upshot, though, is this: the Democrats know they are running out of your money. And they have no plan to pay for it.

In fact, the fiscal cliff issue was a delaying tactic by both parties to deal with this later. The Republicans wanted to address spending cuts later when it was less dramatic with the (then) upcoming elections. The Democrats wanted to delay the discovery that we’re losing too much cash.

The latter’s secret plan was to drive up taxes on the rich and then delay the collapse of social spending by another few years. But they didn’t get nearly the numbers they wanted. They won’t get the revenues they needed, and in point of fact, they never will.

The Democrats have no Plan B. The Republicans have a few.

Now, a smart strategist would say “We need to get this out to the public. We need to get that 50.2% who voted for Obama to see what is about to happen. We need to get the Senators exposed for hiding this. And here is what we can do….”

Unfortunately, Republicans—as they have always done since Teddy Roosevelt was considering another run—are spending too much time blaming each other for the last loss. Their number one opponent has shot the wad, rolled their last dice, been hoist by their own petard, or whatever expression the politicians want to use this week. And the GOP is missing it.

And as a result, the Democrats will eventually figure out a way to rewrite history to make this the Republicans’s fault, as they always do. But right now, the Democrats have no plan, no cover story, no gimmick: let’s get it out there. There isn’t a single argument on spending they can win right now: why aren’t we inflating this for everyone to see?

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