Be careful what you wish for…

Look, I was an ensign in Starfleet! That counts as military service, right?

Dr. J. saw this post over on NRO’s Corner. In summary, Democratic Party PACs are looking to engage in a little Operation Chaos™ in the Kentucky Republican Primary. They are looking to throw financial support behind a very conservative candidate in hopes of primarying Minority Leader McConnell. Should Sen. McConnell lose his primary race, they hope that the conservative candidate will alienate Kentucky voters, creating an easy waltz to Washington for candidate Ashley Judd, where she can sit next to celebrity senator Al Franken in the well of the Senate.

Lest the Democrats be confused, unless they run a Manchurian Candidate against McConnell, their strategy will backfire. Kentucky, despite close proximity, is neither moderate Indiana, nor is it the bellweather that is Missouri. Kentuckians are by and large conservative, and if a bona fide right-winger, rather than the faux right-winger that attempted to primary Jon Runyon in New Jersey a while back, that candidate will rather ably beat the Ms. Judd. She is far to liberal to run in the great state of Kentucky.

So, before you Democrats start cutting checks for McConnell’s opponent, Dr. J. has two words for you:

Rand Paul
She has us right where we want her…

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