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Which one of these is not like the others?

Dr. J. saw this post on NRO and suffered a case of the #headdesk.

Apparently, Stanford University has found the need to appoint an atheist chaplain to the chaplancy at the school.

There’s a rationale for this, according to Stanford:

“But atheist, agnostic and humanist students suffer the same problems as religious students – deaths or illnesses in the family, questions about the meaning of life, etc. – and would like a sympathetic nontheist to talk to.” Figdor, 28, is one of a growing number of faith-free chaplains at universities, in the military and in the community who believe that nonbelievers can benefit from just about everything religion offers except God.

Dr. J. agrees with Mr. Cooke that the agenda may be more sinister:

The “atheist chaplain” is latest example of the ongoing postmodern assault on the meaning of language. When words and terms mean whatever people want, we lose common frames of reference…It is amusing how the irreligious so often seek to coopt religious terminology. But it can also be subversive because words and their accurate meaning are crucial to our ability to communicate.

Dr. J., however would like to go farther in his analysis. There are two things at work.

First the need to hire atheist chaplains demonstrates that there is a clear spiritual void in many atheist, agnostic, and humanist students. Why else would there be a demand for this service? A service that is sufficiently different than can be administered by councilors is clearly desired. But can an atheist chaplain slake the first of the spiritually needy? Dr. J. thinks not.

The second point Dr. J. would like to make is with regard to Mr. Cook’s point regarding the assault on the meaning of language. He is correct. There is a strong desire within the Progressive movement to change the definition of anything and everything to suit their desire for equality, and by equality, they mean equally subject to the state.

When one group self-segregates in an organized manner within the confines of a government funded construct, be it through the existence of a chaplain, or a religious student organization, the Progressive left flips out.

What about teh atheist’z??!?!  is the modern cry, when in prior days they were speaking ‘on behalf’ of  Jews,  who as a group probably didn’t care about such silly notions.

The truth is that Progressives, who have no sense of the sacred are all about tearing down the sacred and replacing it with the totem of the state. Just as the majority of Jewish people have no desire to erase Christmas trees and Merry wishes this time of year, Dr. J.’s truly hardcore atheists chuckle at Dr. J.’s sky god made man, but wouldn’t be caught dead going to a chaplain for any sort of counciling. They are far to rational for that and would rather to to a like-minded psychologist, bartender, or most likely, a barista.

Chaplains, by their very nature, provide spiritual succor to those in need. Father Mulchaey from MASH tended not only to Catholics, but Protestants, Jews and others in need. He did not discriminate, nor was he turned away, other than to serve as a McGuffin for the growth of a character within the following 22 minutes of airplay.

Dr. J. finds it difficult, were he in need of a chaplain, that an atheist chaplain could, in good faith, so to speak, deliver the goods. A protestant (even a Methodist), Jewish, or  a Muslim chaplain, could as we all worship the same God. Even a Buddhist and a Hindu believe in something more than ‘reason’ and would be able minister to the spiritual needs of someone.

When Dr. J. envisions an atheist chaplain, he sees a void. He isn’t alone. With no sense of irony, Rabbi Resnicoff proposes a change in the military chaplain insignia. To be fair, Dr. J. suspects the blank page is a tabula rasa from which the various faith insignias are to be derived, and Dr. J. does not disagree with Rabii Resnicoff’s article. The truth is makes no mention of atheists. Dr. J. just found the picture amusing in the context of this discussion.

It would be fitting, however if the blank page were that representing the atheist chaplain. However Dr. J. has his own suggestion:

Didn’t see that coming…

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