Unions Have Become Shiva, Destroyer Of Worlds

To hear Progressives tell it, unions today are still the same stand-up-for-the-little-guy voluntary association of pure-minded do-gooders from the halcyon days of the Great Depression.

You know.  Like the beneficent United Auto Workers union responsible in 1937 for illegally occupying a privately owned business, rioting and  destroying much of the factory in the process. Or maybe it was the 1912 United Mine Workers of America’s Paint Creek-Cabin Creek Strike, responsible for more than 50 deaths and over $100,000,000.00 in damage and lost business. Or maybe it was the Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel Workers who organized the 1892 Homestead Strike during which the union utilized cannon, guns and dynamite in their great and peaceful struggle to secure a vibrant middle class.

Here’s the bitter truth for you.  Sure, labor unions are responsible for some of America’s most treasured work rules, like the 40 hour workweek and overtime pay.  But unions have always been corrupt, violent and power-hungry organizations willing to break the law to achieve their ends. 

If you’re among the 96.72% of Progressives who believe fervently that the ends always justify the means, then you’re just hunky-dory with violence in service of your cause.  However, if you have a soul, you likely have some misgivings about unions’ willingness to resort to violence in the first instance.

And maybe you’re also among the 73.92% of Progressives who are too addlepated from constantly chugging the ObamaBerryPunch flavored Kool-Aid ladled out in Bloomberg-offending amounts at your local collective’s “Let’s Make A 75 Foot Latch Hook Rug Portrait of President Obama Night” to comprehend reality.

Unions always were destructive, always have been destructive and always will be destructive.  In their naissance, unions destroyed crap rich white guys owned.  Most Americans didn’t care about rich white guys then, and most Americans don’t care about rich white guys now.  See, e.g., Mitt Romney.  Why do you think uber-liberals Michael Moore and Bruce Springsteen (who also both happen to be uber-rich) spend so much of their time pretending to be lower middle class guys from crappy parts of northern New Jersey and Flint, respectively? Because Americans hate rich white men.

Americans were content at the time to let unions have their violent streak.  Unions weren’t destroying anything the vast majority of Americans owned or cared about.  And unions were delivering safer work conditions, more job security and better paying jobs. Americans convinced themselves that it was alright to take the unions’ benefits and look the other way while unions destroyed wealth.  After all, rich white men can afford to lose a few millions of dollars if it means the little guy can afford hamburger twice a week now.

But, over time, unions ran out of rich white guys to demonize and shake down.  They’ve run out of other people’s money to spread around. Regular old American Joe Lunchpails are now standing in the shoes of yesterday’s rich white men. Unions’ demands are now so costly, the rich don’t have enough money to pay for it all, so unions are after the middle class. 

More notably, today’s unions have begun to destroy things that Americans cherish.  Americans may be content to watch unions screw the Carnegies, the Mellons and the Rockefellers of the world, but Americans aren’t going to sit idly by when unions come for their wealth.

Any Progressives who have gotten past the Castle’s moat kraken and Barry the Manticore are surely shaking their heads in disbelief at ‘Puter’s plainly erroneous views.  “YEWNYUNZ IZ NOT TEH DESTUCKTIV!1!!! YOONYNZ IZ 4 TEH LITUL GIZE!!!!!1!one!!”, they wail out from their purple veined necks through spittle-flecked lips.

Bitch and moan all you want, hippies, but it’s true.  Unions ruin everything they touch.

Here’s just a sampling of things unions have ruined:

Public education, generally.


The American automobile industry.



Civilized debate.

Personal Choice.

Public finance.


Unions corrupt, and eventually ruin, everything they touch.  Here’s an analogy that even a Progressive can understand. 

Unions are like meth.  Both make you feel good at first, but soon enough you’re turning tricks and selling plasma to support them both. 

Unions.  Not even once.

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