The Pathetic Media

Tying up some loose ends here.

The last two weeks, thanks to the Portland shooter, the Sandy Hook shooter, and the New York firefighter assassin, have triggered a hypocritical caterwauling from the liberal progressives about removing guns completely from the world. As a result, this website has taken a decidedly pro-Second Amendment curve. If firearms aren’t your thing, don’t worry: this gun chatter will fizzle away in the next couple of weeks and we’ll be back to grousing about the President.

A weird montage of seemingly contradictory information has come out in the popular news media; of course, it is self-contradictory only if you’re a member of the media. If you are a person who can look at two related pieces of data and recognize a possible relationship, you can figure this out.

But let us cut to the chase on a story you might have missed. Frank Sesno is the director of George Washington University’s School of Media and Public Affairs (although the Czar remembers him at CNN as a field reporter). Mr. Sesno made the mistake of revealing the truth: the media has unilaterally declared war on guns: “The media themselves have a huge opportunity and power and responsibility to channel this.”

The media have a huge opportunity and power and responsibility to report the facts in a story. Anything more is overreach.

Yet there it is: a confession that the media have literally conspired to eliminate gun rights in the country. And you wonder why the Czar loathes them so much.

So in order to do this, here seems to be the game plan: continue to amp up as much media attention on guns. Ignore the stories about guns saving lives—there are indeed a couple of news feeds that provide hourly updates of bona fide stories of people using guns defensively. Yes, hourly: but you don’t see these stories because they are suppressed. Instead, the media intend to promote as many shocking stories of gun crimes as possible to promote the idea that there is some Wild West shootout happening all over the country.

After all, these stories are fuel for the next shooter. With all the publicity given the shooters in the last couple of weeks, some other depressed person with a dead-end life has decided to go out in a blaze of glory. No matter that the story will be replaced by the next shooter in a couple of weeks because for fourteen days he will be immortalized on television and the internet, and everyone will know his name and feel terribly sorry for everything wrong in his life. And that right there is reason enough to fire into a crowd, a classroom, or at firefighters.

Step one: amp up the stories to create an impression of chaos. Step two: gin up polls that stress how badly Americans want guns off the street. Make it seem that anyone who still believes in firearm rights is a rare lunatic.

Unfortunately, that step isn’t working. Polls are being headlined that 65% of Americans think we need more gun control! But later, buried at the bottom, is the curious finding that 70% of Americans want no changes to assault weapon laws. Huh.

The media cannot figure these contradictions out, and they never will—there is no contradiction. 65% of Americans favor smarter gun laws—but they don’t want your laws, media. Americans want easier access to firearms but common sense loophole closures that help mitigate bad guys and dangerous types from getting them.

The media fail to get this point. If you want gun laws, surely you want our ideas, right?

Well, no…not at all. In fact, the polls are screaming something else entirely: Americans want substantial reformation and simplification of gun laws. In fact, they want the exact opposite of what whiny progressives want. Hence, the seeming contradiction when viewed by people who do not comprehend their mistake. Hence, Soledad O’Briens’s amusing interview where she admitted she could not remotely fathom what an interview was telling her about gun rights.

Step three: bully and badger. We see asshat domo Piers Morgan on CNN insulting and offending gun enthusiasts. A local newspaper openly printed the names and addresses of all gun owners in the community. New York politicians are discussing confiscations. These are all attempts to scare folks away from their positions.

In short, the media formula is simple: create an atmosphere of terror, invent widespread support for a progressive agenda, and attack anyone that fails to support it.

This formula is already failing as we mentioned. And small wonder.

If you look at those polling numbers and line them up against political numbers you get some fascinating results. Lots of liberals own firearms. Lots of democrats own firearms. The poll numbers outweigh traditional Republicans and/or Democrats. Did you know both Harry Reid and Joe Biden are shotgun fans? In fact, Biden once gave a rousing defense of gun owners and assured everyone that he would aggressively defend himself against anyone who came after his two prized scatterguns. Missed that? Sure you did—because it is being suppressed as part of Step Two.

Let the Czar make this simple: Congress has no ability, interest, or authority in curtailing gun rights. They will, conversely, subvert any executive order to do the same. There will be no bans, no confiscations, no outlawing of assault weapons because the polls are terribly clear that Americans will reject any such attempt.

Instead, President Obama will come up with some meaningless report that concludes gun violence is an issue and we need to close some loopholes here or there. Nothing will happen, and the President will be seen as having at least tried to do something except the obstructionist Republicans (including evidently Joe Biden and Harry Reid) prevented it. Four more years!

Moreover, we are seeing that nearly all the serious talk about bans, confiscations, and measures are originating in the media, and the media are sustaining the entire conversation. Basically, this whole thing is a media invention, not a political one.

As always, the media have become the story—and whenever this happens, they have lost their argument and their way. How pathetic are these people?

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