The Argument Remains Over

Let us be clear on this.

Arguments in favor of gun control based on the Sandy Hook tragedy are political. It’s that simple, and about as logical as calling for gun control based on a drunk driver who plows into a bus. Gun control proponents already know there is no logical connection.

Here is why we say this. The gun control argument is over. Gun control does not work: in areas where gun laws are reduced, crime drops. Again and again and again. Actually, without fail.

Conversely, areas with stricter gun control see crime increase, and while it has not been conclusively proven most reasonable people notice a frequent coincidence of mass shooters choosing locations where gun control is strictest.

Many readers refuse to accept that, although there is plenty of data. But by now you must realize that gun laws, gun control, assault weapons bans, cop killer bullet bans, and other pop hysterical legislation would not have prevented any of the evil that happened at Sandy Hook. The killer was not a firearm, nor the bullets, nor ideology; the killer was a single person whose mental instability appears to have been known but unrestricted by friends and family.

Find a way to control that. And good luck: it is easier to prevent airline crashes than to prevent a random, sensational act of evil like this.

But now as 49 + 1 states allow concealed carry and are relaxing firearm restrictions across the country, crime continues to drop. And many liberals don’t like it: reality interrupts the fantasy. So when the left begins arguing for more gun control, more legislation, and more and more laws, they politicize the tragedy. And it becomes uglier.

And they know this.

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