Regarding my earlier post regarding ACA (aka ObamaCare), GorT received this note:

Yes, indeed.  Taxes on the rich.  I just wonder where all these rich folks are going?  Is there some fabulous island nation where they’re going?

Operative ScottO then tossed this letter at the gators in the Castle’s moat.  ‘Puter makes Dat Ho retrieve the mail that they collect, so this was a little late in reaching me:

O Great GorT,

Regarding your post “Who Is Going to Pay for This Now?“, several thoughts occurred to me.

1) Someone on Twitter recommends we not forget the “Patient Protection” part of the PPACA, which, in typical collectivist fashion, pretty much indicates that this law will screw the patients even worse than it will the doctors.

2) If Sen. Smalley^H^H^H^H^H^H^HFranken believes this tax is job-killing, how is it that other taxes are job-creating?

3) “[G]uidance about how to comply”? How else does one comply with a tax besides paying it?

4) It’s too bad there weren’t any medical professionals in Congress bringing up all this potential harm. Oh? Who? Coburn? Paul? The other Paul? (No, wait, he was elected in 2010, wasn’t he?) Gingrey? Boozman? They’re just a bunch of Republican haters, anyway, right?

Great post, which I shall be re-posting to Twitter this evening.

As ever,

Thanks for the note.  A few responses: (1) yes, I think patients will get screwed as this bill progresses and everyone will start paying more for it, (2) EXACTLY – I’m glad the subtly of that isn’t lost, (3) Ok, yes, this was ruled a tax in order to implement but to have a bill of that size and not have some specificity in how to implement functions of the bill is ridiculous.

Thanks again – keep it coming and we’ll keep bringing it.

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