Democrats Know Tax Hikes Will Hurt

Sources tell the Czar that there is a whisper campaign going on among the Democrats, in which a group is quietly advising the President to go along with the Republicans on the fiscal cliff issue; that fundamentally the GOP math checks out. Of course, the President is not interested in helping the economy: he wants to punish the Republicans for losing the Presidency.

Because when it comes down to it, the entire Democrat philosophy on taxation is nonsense and they know it. GorT for example listed how comedy writer and part-time Senator Al Franken has somehow just now discovered something Republicans have been saying for three years: that Obamacare is going to raise taxes on producers of medical devices. As a result, many of these manufacturers (who reside in his homestate of Minnesota and employ thousands of voters) are looking to leave the country. Whoops! Suddenly, Franken wants to eliminate that tax in order to prevent “job killing” taxes.

We saw this in 2011, when Democrats went along with Republicans for the Hire Heroes Act—due to the widespread unemployment among veterans, this law will lower taxes for companies who hire veterans.

You see, Democrats claim that higher taxes are the solution to help the nation’s unemployment problem. But when it comes right down to reality, Democrats quietly know that lower taxes reduce unemployment. Because that’s pretty much what they do when reality sets in every freaking time.

So with unemployment at numbers higher and longer lasting than the Great Depression (it was Great for Democrats; for Americans, not so much), the President is raising taxes. No, not just on the imaginary two percent—in case you missed it because the media is concealing it, taxes are already going up on all of us.

If lowering taxes is the way to lower unemployment, so agree Republicans and Democrats, why would the President be raising them? Apparently, 51% of the country thinks the President can help the economy. 100% of us will not like the result.

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