Your New Normal

May her last colors never run.

The Czar really wanted to avoid posting anything today except an analysis of why Obama lost. You would have enjoyed reading it; the Czar certainly enjoyed writing it back in September.

Suffice it to say, you already know the Czar proudly and prominently predicted a decisive Romney victory; to say the Czar is humiliated is an understatement. Rather, we feel a deep resentment. Millions of Americans voted themselves out of a job and don’t even know it. Millions will now be struggling to make ends meet, and fail to understand why.

We did build it; unfortunately, we also helped smash it.

Welcome, friends, to the new normal. Your life consisted of going to work, doing a good job you could be proud of, coming home to a wonderful family, going to church on Sunday or temple on Saturday, and looking forward to that nice vacation in a beautiful vista. Guess what? As of today, you are the minority. You are the 47%.

And you know those punks who hang around the skateboard park, smoking reefer, splattering tattoos on themselves, getting drunk and defacing the benches? Welcome to your new normal. That’s your America.

It isn’t that America voted to be like Europe. Americans it seems have no clue what Europe is or why we should or should not emulate them. Americans don’t care; they just want to be the cast of Jersey Shore at some invisible rich dude’s expense. That became clear.

For generations, the world looked to America because when everything went down, when it got bleak and dark and dire, Americans would always rise up and say “Follow me,” and pull everyone to safety. It is hard to believe we did it on September 11, 2001; it seems impossible to believe how far we have fallen in eleven years. Had that happened today, one wonders if we would be flying flags today or switching the channel to watch Honey Boo-Boo. This is how much we have lost, how far we fallen. No, not fallen—how much we have relaxed.

For the first time, Americans were asked to do the right thing, and we didn’t do it. We rolled over and said “Let someone else handle it. We’re too busy.” And so the Czar is filled with resentment.

Welcome to your new normal. And look at what we have learned in 24 hours.

We learned that looking to history can be a waste of time. No incumbent has ever come back from such low support. Wrong. No challenger has ever won independents and lost the election. Wrong. If Democrats win early voting, Republicans win the election. Wrong. That wisdom and sincerity will defeat pettiness and lies. Wrong.

We also learned that the media is a de facto political entity. There is no denying it after Libya, after Fast and Furious. Sorry, parents of those killed in those debacles: you are never going to find out what happened to your sons. Americans voted, and they decided they don’t care. We learned that Americans have no concept of how money works or where it comes from. We learned that Americans are evidently okay with faulty medical care, $7-a-gallon gas, and property taxes that will cost more than a mortgage. A mortgage? What’s that?

We learned that Americans evidently do not care about the military, and that the parades and college football game shout-outs are nothing more than pablum. We learned that political strategists like Karl Rove, who pathetically scrambled to explain there must be at least one more Republican vote in Ohio, are useless to us.

Last night, two things started up right on schedule: recriminations and optimism.

Recriminations against Romney—he was too moderate. He was too extreme! He was too forceful. He wasn’t forceful enough. Against the Tea Party—they ruined everything! No, they were too quiet. Against the Republicans—they pushed too hard, they went too soft. Against conservatives—they betrayed themselves! No, they compromised too much.

You can forget all that. Romney ran a brilliant campaign and you know it. Axelrod just ran a better one. And the Republicans did everything they should have to incorporate conservatives, moderates, women, blacks, and Hispanics. Axelrod just knew the game better. After all, the Democrats discovered how to win elections in 2000, honed it in 2004, and perfected it in 2008. In 2012, Republicans discovered how to win. Maybe in 2016, they can skip the next step and go on to win. But it will be ugly.

And there’s your new normal. Another close election. 2000 may be the first, but 2004 and the surprising closeness of 2008 (we are frequently told how badly Obama beat McCain, but the actual numbers are closer than you hear) set the pattern for 2012. Probably, 2016 and 2020 will be just as bad. Democrats have figured out how to win. Republicans have not, or rather, they have and dare not use those methods.

So you want to know who to blame? Blame Barack Obama. This is all him. He’s Lebron, baby. Just ask him: we just made him the center of our universe, so blaming anyone else is ridiculous because Americans don’t care. Prove otherwise: no matter what variable you change, Obama won with enough electoral votes to counter.

The other thing that started was the optimism. No, no—this is good for the GOP. Obama is weakened, we have the House which controls the revenue, and the closeness of the election shows that Obama will need to moderate his stance and come to the table.

Where in Obama’s political history has he ever done that? He was running for re-election and still refused to compromise. Not because he is a leader, but because he is a self-absorbed jackass who refuses to learn. Any Republican or conservative who thinks “Lick your wounds; we’ll get ‘em next year” is delusional. The we-won and elections have consequences man has absolutely no plausible opposition now. Face it, America: he is your new normal.

Obama’s presidency is severely weakened. He has lost considerable media support, his race card is no longer accepted, and he is now the unquestioned sole owner of a terrible economy that will definitely get worse. In all probability, he will be impeached over Benghazi. Sequestration will force him to accept Republican proposals or he will face a disaster in Washington. The Republicans are much stronger in the House. But if you think these are reasons to be optimistic, you are wrong.

These are reasons to be really, really sorry. Our presidency is forever ruined—and the Czar was very much present for Watergate. Pelosi may be finished, but Reid has been strengthened immeasurably, and the Supreme Court is gone: gay marriage, legalized abortion-on-demand services, suppression of the First and Second Amendments is now certain. Possibly legalized drugs, too, even though Obama personally rejects many if not even all of these things: his Supreme Court will simply do what they want.

Should we say “Suck it up, America” and get back to work? This may be the new normal, but it is not your Czar’s normal at all. It almost certainly isn’t your normal, either.

But it is the new normal for 53% of us.

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