The Adult Campaign vs. The ‘Adult’ Campaign

Growing up, Dr. J. would watch the conventions, debates and advertisements, and while he was raised a conservative, he was taught to learn about the issues, where the parties stand, and who the candidates are before pulling a lever. Papa J. also taught him (and this was Papa J.’s Achilles’s heel) that if the candidate was one heckuva an athlete, lefty tendencies could be forgiven. Dr. J. didn’t agree on this point. Hence Papa J.’s support of Bill Bradley as a NJ senator and Jack Kemp in ’88. Dr. J. passionately argued the case for Pete duPont back in ’88, only to have it fall on deaf ears. Dr. J. suspects Papa J. might have pulled the lever for Heath Schuler fords congress should he have been alive and living in North Carolina in 2006.

When Mitt Romney introduced Paul Ryan as his VP, Dr. J. watched his speech alongside the Lil Resident and Medstudent. The kids also enjoyed primetime coverage of the RNC. The Republicans have successfully put forward a family friendly product that could play an important part in a child’s home civic lesson curriculum as a responsible American.
That being said, the Democrats, by contrast, between their #waronwomen, abortionpallooza night at the DNC, Obama and Biden’s childish antics during the debates and the recent ads by Lena Dunham and Michael Moore have required Dr. J. to filter the Democrat’s campaign message out because, simply stated, it’s not age appropriate. Dr. J.’s children do not need to wrestle with gay marriage, and the HHS mandate. 
It is pretty sad that Obama has chosen these issues to double down on in hopes of winning. He’s lost the children, which is why Mandy’s kid’s class voted for Romney
But Obama hasn’t lost all of the children. He rented these poor souls from Kim Jong Un:

2012: The video was pulled from YouTube and is protected on Vimeo. Here is a link while it lasts.

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