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Dread and awful Czar:

Today is Hiring Day. I saw your observations about how these cliffhanger elections seem to be occurring more and more frequently, and your analysis makes sense. I’m just sitting here on my island (having already voted) and reflecting on how we abuse the electoral system we were bequeathed by our forefathers. Your earlier posting re: “They did their part – now you do yours” got me to thinking. It’s precisely what my father – who saw the price of our freedoms first-hand – used to tell me. Two points – 1) It grieves me to think so many vote with self-serving interests in mind, rather than thinking of the sacrifice, pain, maimed hell or death our ancestors endured, and what they would probably think of the candidates and issues confronting us; always bear in mind there is a group, a large group, of Americans looking over your shoulder when you throw that lever, make your mark, or otherwise vote. 2) Considering how we abuse our own system and make a mockery of it to the rest of the world with our cheating, ballot-rigging, calling out the dead, etc – is it any wonder the countries we try to export this system to resist it? Hard to blame them.

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