Quick Thoughts

Numero Uno:  I wonder if the democrats in Maryland have put the following 2+2 together.  The democrats have been pushing against Question 7 (essentially allowing a casino with table games in Maryland) with statements like “the legislature raided the education trust fund last year”.  The Maryland legislature is overwhelmingly democrat.  So they are admitting that in order to defeat the casino question?  Hmmm.

Numero Dos:  The Federal Government is heading down a dangerous path with its recent push for LCTA (Lowest Cost Technically Acceptable) acquisition policies.  Some companies strive to undercut the bid and frequently they cannot deliver against the requirements at the cost – either not staffing it (and leaving that work undone or not done well) or pushing for changes to the contract to address the shortage later.

Numero Tres: Vote.  Vote.  Vote.

Numero Cuatro: 14 hour work days kind of blow.  Especially when someone else’s screw up causes it.

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