GOP Reform VII: Overpowering Narratives

Part Seven of Seven

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The Obama re-election is not the catastrophe; it’s only the symptom. Conservatives are losing the cultural war, and there is no reason this can’t be reversed. And quickly, too.Most Americans picture themselves as leaning to the right, but exhibit oddly left tendencies, especially when voting. This should be no real surprise given the daily bathing of liberal messages they receive. The news pummels them with the proper analysis of the preferred topics; television shows promote anti-conservative characters and situations in an effort to normalize them; pop music songs screech leftist messages from borderline hits remade from forty years ago; bumper stickers, tee shirts, tweets, and Facebook pages reinforce message after message.

Of course, this is entirely because conservatives let them. Certainly a conservative wouldn’t dare propose curtailing their right to do so in any circumstances. But when four of us listen to one of us yapping out liberal messages, it might be time for the other four to start a different conversation.

Republicans, and conservatives in general, need to start overpowering the narrative. This has already started both as grassroots movements ( and major commercial enterprises (Hollywood is recognizing that liberal movies tank while conservative-themed pictures rule the box office). But more can be done.

Consider how George W. Bush was treated by liberals. Why not repay in kind? Let’s keep harping on how terrible Obamacare is and will be. And harp and harp and harp. Take examples out of context, replay the same stupid soundbites over and over, and work it into popular culture. Reinforce the idea that Obamacare is a disaster that needs replacement. At this point, it will be easier than repeal.

Stop comparing Obama to Carter; history will marginalize Obama as a uniquely American mistake, so there is no point demonizing him with birth certificate nonsense or what happened to his grades or where that missing interview is. All the truth on that will come out in time anyway, inevitably. But start pulling the carpet out from under the feet of liberals and their pet causes.

Taxes. Poor job growth. Devaluation of the dollar. Insipid retirement portfolios. Find ways to drive this into everything and anything. Clever and funny YouTube videos do go viral for conservatives, you know. But keep it up: remember we have years of this to undo.

Keep driving home the thought that Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security are headed for collapse. Don’t let up: eventually, a majority of people will expect solutions on this. You might not be able to win every election, but you can always force the Democrats to address voter demands on your terms by doing so.

Move out of the Catholic Church’s way and let them take on abortion. America is already tipping toward pro-life—but certainly little of this success can be awarded to the Republicans who continue to muck it up and scare people toward voting for Democrats. Let the states lead the way on immigration enforcement and promote these ideas locally without the Republicans getting heat for offending imaginary Latino voting blocs. Let the Evangelicals take on same sex marriage. Every time a Republican jabbers about the subject, he makes us all look like morons. Leave the social messages to the experts, but encourage them all to keep talking!

Websites, Facebook pages, tweets, and YouTube videos are the currency of the narrative. Make it easy to email, link to, and copy these economic conservative messages. Work them into pop culture, movies, technology, and crafty marketing messages.

Stop looking like grumpy old men, and start thinking like an American voter under 30. Remember: America is a center-right country. The problem is there isn’t presently a political party that represents them.

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