GOP Reform VI: Media Matters, Indeed

Part Six of Seven

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The media is out to destroy Republicans. And the time for peaceful negotiation is over.Long-time readers know of the Czar’s obsessive hatred with news media. Whether it’s the shameless self-promotion, the obsession with bizarre topics, outright distortions, and enforcement of their liberal world-view on others, the news very rarely gets thing right. The Czar does not even bother to read newspapers or news magazines, and certainly avoids news programming on television.

This has been a long-suffering complaint among Republicans. However, a hostile news media is nothing new: candidates back to 1820 understand how awful news organizations can treat candidates for which they are not voting. A vast spring of counter-media has popped up on the Internet, providing a wide and enriching diversity of viewpoints—some good, some not so good. Republican voters have never been better educated with regard to what Democrats are often up to.

But what galls the Czar is that candidates, including Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, John McCain, Sarah Palin, and on and on back to John Quincy Adams, still think they can reason and negotiate with the media.

This is like offering Ed Gein a warm meal in hopes he won’t skin you alive. “Maybe,” thinks GOP Candidate, ”if I just treat them warmly with a little respect and show them what a nice guy I am, they will write up a nice piece about me that will attract undecided voters.” Morons: the media will never give up on humiliating you until you are defeated.

2012 marks the official time that Republicans ought to have learned that the news media is ostensibly a massive, controlling interest for politics. FoxNews, too: remember the Romney campaign did not believe their loss until Fox announced—with only a small percentage of the votes in—that Ohio went to Obama and the election was over. And the Romney campaign paused in its concession when FoxNews announced that some votes had yet to be counted. Good God, who gave them this power?

Popular opinion is that the media guided Obama to a win by promoting half-true myths of greatness about him while suppressing anything that could cost a vote. In a rare moment, perhaps, popular opinion is correct. So given that the GOP can rely on the mainstream media only for destruction, what do we do?

Do what the Democrats are still doing: develop your own media sources. Media Matters has been writing the news bullet points for most major media outlets. All sorts of pseudo-fact checking websites are receiving money from prominent Democrats. Get your own.

Look, there are alternatives. BlazeTV, run by Glenn Beck, is appearing on more and more outlets to considerable acclaim. The Czar does not yet receive this, but Mandarin does—and says they produce excellent investigative journalism on a $40 budget and technology from the 1980s. Pour some money into this. Truthbusters is a web-based organization that provides Repbulicans tons of debunking media misinformation.

And then start others. But stay out of print and network broadcasting: those are already dead, except for the ones in the late stages of dying. And for heaven’s sake, treat FoxNews with caution. Understand that FoxNews is not a conservative outlet, nor is it a Republican one. The network’s popularity exists because it is not MSNBC or CNN. When Keith Rupert Murdoch started FoxNews, it wasn’t because he wanted a conservative voice out there—he did so because he understood there were tens of millions of potential viewers burned out on liberal schmuck broadcasts—and he was right.

Invest heavily in a school for journalism and get some say-so in what the subject matters are and who teaches the courses. This can be a feeder school for your own channels and networks and web sites. There certainly is a strong liberal media bias, but only because it’s monopolizing the playing field. Nothing is stopping you from evening out the score.

Expensive? Sure—but not nearly as expensive as how much the liberal media just cost Mitt Romney.

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