GOP Reform V: Are Demographics Destiny?

Part Five of Seven

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Do Republicans need to court Latinos? Or is this yet another liberal set up? Maybe it isn’t Hispanic votes we need; maybe it’s everyone’s.Did you hear that America is becoming a more brown nation? Do you understand that demographics are destiny? Did you hear that Republicans need to address the needs of Latinos if they hope to win another election? And do you know that Latinos are natural conservatives but vote for Democrats due to immigration issues?

Did you know all of that was invented by Democrats to control Republican responses? No, probably not—but the media is ear-worming the Republicans into thinking all the previous questions are true.

In reality, “Hispanic voters” are an artifical construct, like “Catholic voters” and “Women voters” are. People who self-identify as Hispanic tend to vote, like these other groups, any way they damn well please.

For example, Texas Latinos tend to vote overwhelmingly Republican; Illinois Latinos tend to vote overwhelmingly Democrat…as do Texans and Illiniosians overall, respectively. In fact, there is no evidence whatsoever—except ginned up statistics—that Latino voters are a reliable Democrat bloc, or that Republicans are not effectively reaching out to them.

Indeed, more evidence exists that Hispanic voters tend to vote Democrat if they make less income, and tend to vote Republican if they have more skin in the game. Not surprisingly, the same is true for Catholics, women, Asians, and blacks. Indeed, only Jewish voters and young voters tend to vote for Democrats regardless of income level. This, by the way, is historically true for Italian, Irish, Polish, and other European immigrants: new arrivals go for the Democrats due to the perceived social benefits. The second generation tends to split, and the third and subsequent generations tends to vote Republican.

If anything, this is bad news for the Democrats, as we are now going to enter the second and third generation of voters. These Hispanics, like the long-time Mexican and Cuban American citizens, are motivated to pay less in taxes, run their own businesses, and speak English almost exclusively—just as we see today with Asians and Africans, and just as we saw with European immigrants three generations ago.

What should the Republicans do to win the Hispanic and Latino votes?

Nothing. Keep pitching the economic reasons to vote Republican—it is the message that wins across all other groups as well.

And perish any notions of amnesty, easier immigration, DREAM acts, or other false demographics. Obviously, Democrats have this figured out already, and are pushing to find ways to get Republicans to sabotage this natural migration to Republican voting—and the easiest way to do that is to continually manufacture more first-generation Hispanics.

Why? Because they will likely vote for Democrats. And, demographically speaking, Hispanics are seeing positive growth. Once that flat lines and Hispanics’s population growth levels off, the Democrats will dump them and move to the next positive Demographic—probably muslims. You will see Democrats begin to accommodate muslims, push for their immigration to America, and—then again, this has started already.

Also, this is why you will hear talk from the Democrats about immigration reform, but see very little positive action in this regard. Republicans, of course, want to reform immigration so that a wide variety of immigrants arrive legally and become legal taxpayers as quickly as possible. This of course makes these immigrants tend to vote for Republicans; Democrats know the more crazy and chaotic immigration is, the easier it is to bring waves of the preferred nationality over without a solid economic foundation…in other words, closing the melting pot tends to produce winning Democrat candidates.

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