BHO – From Desperate to Desperate-er

Photo by John Hart – State Journal

Mrs. Dr. J. was disturbed by President Obama’s suggestion over the weekend that voting is the best revenge. “Against who? Against what?” she asked. “He’s the President? What kind of revenge is he talking about?”

She isn’t the only person to ask these questions or be disturbed by his dark tone as he was speaking. Jay Nordlinger also took up this issue here.

Given that the President has lowered himself to this base level of community rabblerouser suggests to Dr. J. that the internal polls are showing some bad news. That being said, STILL GO OUT AND VOTE FOR ROMNEY in the event that this is to get Romney supporters cocky and rest on their laurels. Dr. J. crawled across broken glass two weekends ago to vote, and Mrs. Dr. J. is putting on her finest brokenglassproof shawl to make the way to our polling place tomorrow. Every vote matters.

Dr. J. also believes, like Michael Barone and Fred Barnes do, that there is a huge enthusiasm gap that is difficult to correct for in polling.

But what did it for Dr. J. is that Obama had to call in ‘The Boss’ Bruce Springsteen to draw crowds in the People’s Republic of Madison. When Dr. J. was growing up, Bruce would sell out 6 shows at the Spectrum in a nanosecond, and even was in the habit of adding shows in Philadelphia, NJ, and NY to accommodate demand. The fact that he has lowered himself to open for a politician (regardless of political stripes) and that Obama needed this rock legend’s help, when a mere 4 years ago, Obama was the rock star is the ‘Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin‘ we’ve been waiting for.

UPDATE: Apparently, Springsteen isn’t drawing the crowds he did 8 years ago

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