Bad, Bad Teacher, Part 6.022*10^23

Mrs. ‘Puter prepares to trap the
escaped frog by, uh, … . Never mind.
Dang, Mrs. ‘Puter’s hot, though.

Did you know that according to the United States Department of Education, public school teachers molest children at nearly 100 times the rate of Roman Catholic priests?

Did you know that because “educators” provide massive, yet involuntary, campaign contributions to Democrat politicians through their unions that public school teachers take far less crap in the sympathetic liberal media than do Roman Catholic priests?

It’s true!

And here are two more examples of the molders of America’s young minds molesting their young charges.

Why does it always seem to be women
who get caught banging students? And
why do they always get a slap on the wrist?

Meet Amie Lou Neely, a 38 year old teacher and resident of Port St. Lucie, Florida. Not a bad looking teacher, if you ask ‘Puter, based on her mug shot.

Ms. Neely took a shine to a 16 year old Bahamian exchange student under her expert tutelage. Naturally, as all good teachers do, she moved the student into her house, as he clearly needed some assistance.  And as surely as day follows night, Ms. Neely decided she needed to sample a bit of her student’s “exotic cuisine” in the back of her car.

Unfortunately for Ms. Neely, her husband caught her making the beast with two backs with the aforementioned Bahamian minor. Mr. Neely did not take kindly to Ms. Neely sampling her employer’s ware, turning her in to the local constabulary. 

Ms. Neely will now spend some time in the care of the St. Lucie County gaoler, as her husband sure isn’t going to bail her out.

Sra. Footer has seen better days. She
seems to be hoping the ladies she’ll be
rooming with don’t bust her open like
a new pinata on Dia de los Muertos.

Next up, 44 year old foreign language teacher Lisa Footer, late of the Canandaigua Academy and more recently of the Ontario County Jail. Why, that’s in ‘Puter’s neck of the woods, just one exit down the Thruway!  And again, a bit plump, but certainly not a troll, said the piggish ‘Puter, judging by her mug shot.

Señora Footer’s been teaching foreign languages in New York for 22 years, according to her school web page. From the photo on her web page, La Puta Footer seems to have a young son, and ‘Puter assumes a husband who was taking the photo.

Not content with having a job for life with fantastic benefits, a husband and a kid, this cunning linguist decided to go for the gold. She found a 16 year old student under her care willing to get nice in her car in a parking lot on Main Street.

Genius plan, Señora. Now this randy educator’s looking at jail time, though she’ll keep her pension if the union has any say.  Hell, she’ll be on the payroll for another year or so until the Canandaigua School District can wend its way through the Byzantine “due process” mandated by New York law before she can be fired.

So here’s to you, Ms. Neely and Sra. Footer.  Thanks for showing America that a job where half of current employees graduated in the bottom third of their college class really do have something to offer the children, our future. 

Sex with a middle-aged mentally ill woman in the back of a cheap American subcompact.

Man, ‘Puter’s really missed this thread.  It’s about time he resurrected the topic.

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