A Fifth Thought

No, this isn’t a reference to GorT polishing off a fifth of Angostura 1824 rum last night.  Given that four of the Gormogons have weighed in on the election night, I figured I’d chime in with my thoughts.

I find it sad that the country has turned to having to pit various socio-economic groups against one another is a valid and accepted means of conducting a campaign.  Make no bones about it, the Democrats largely used this in order to create issues rather than address the issues that America faces.  The federal budget and debt do not see the ethnicity, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation of individuals.  Whether or not Iran achieves nuclear weapon capabilities is not determined by gender or wealth of voters.  I could go on with natural disaster preparedness, educational reform for the 21st century, and many other relevant, national-level issues.

I’m not in any way discounting that we, as a country, have issues to address but manipulating those issues and those interest groups is distressing.  There are plenty of examples in the commercial world where the better product (from a capabilities perspective) loses out to one that is “more popular”.  I think, over the course of the last several election cycles, we are seeing similar behavior in the political world.

As I stated before, at a local level, advertisements against the expanded gambling in Maryland question denounced the state legislature and leadership over their raiding of the educational trust fund.  But, I wager, the state’s population will continue to support the Democrat majorities in the legislature and executive branch and ignore that attack that they levied.  At the national level, the Democrats cheered for the Lilly Ledbetter Act but it’s quietly swept under the rug when it turns out that the Obama election campaign and the Senate led by Democrats pay their female staffers less than their male staffers.

I think the next four years could be a very dangerous time for the country because, as this election seems to be, the status quo of the federal government under President Obama and the Democrat-led Senate has been to kick the issue’s can down the road.  Sequestration takes effect in 54 days.  The President has largely blustered about various things and then waved his hands and let others try or actually move things forward – he’s really good talking about things but really, when you get down to brass tacks, how much has he actually done?  How much political capital has he actually expended trying to get things done?  And how much bipartisanship has he actually championed or encouraged?

There is a real potential for things to not improve that much and for more and more critical issues to be faced by the federal government.  Youth unemployment and potentially disastrous ramifications of ObamaCare and various international issues could easily sway the vote in 2014 and 2016.  And when one could characterize Obama as being in his own reality regarding events, how much of an objective view of his legacy will he really be concerned about?

Clearly he’s facing an uphill battle as he just inherited a mess from some guy named Obama.

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