Watching the Debate

The Czar summarized the debate in a most excellent fashion so I’ll leave that for you to read.  However, I wanted to comment on watching the debate.  GorT was finishing soccer practice, so he walked in 5 minutes into the debate which Mrs. GorT had on and our other two children were watching.  It was interesting to do so with children, particularly our high school underclassman daughter.  Both she and Mrs. GorT repeatedly pointed out how Obama refused to look at Romney or even up from his podium during Romney’s answers.  Furthermore,  both commented on how awful President Obama was in staying within his time and just ran roughshod over the moderator.  Now, Jim Lehrer appeared frail and not in control and, until late in the debate, provided no control.  The Czar accurately points out that the two debators showed mutual respect for each other which made the evening work – but clearly Obama had trouble answering a question or leaving a topic within the time constraints.

After the debate we flipped around to a number of channels to get a sense of the media spinmeisters take on the evening.  And yes, most, if not all, conceded or announced that it was a clear victory for Romney and that Obama looked like he wanted to get out of there.  For a great summary of watching the debate, I give you the following clip as pointed out to me by Eliana Johnson over at the National Review Online:

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