President Unable to Pull Ahead in Polls

That headline seems so strange, but put Mitt Romney’s name in there, and everyone agrees with it.

Yet, for months now, the President and Mitt Romney have been in a statistical tie for the most part. We keep hearing that Romney seems to be woefully unable to pull ahead of the President; yet, isn’t the opposite also true?

One of our liberal tweeters acknowledged this, but fairly pointed out that the onus is on the challenger to pull ahead of the incumbent, not the other way around. Perhaps this is more than true from a news standpoint.

But the reverse cannot be denied: President Obama is in no condition to win the election based on poll numbers any more than Mitt Romney. So a little fair play is in order, and we elected to present an alternate theme to circulate around the web today.

Even so, there is a curious phenomenon going on with Mitt Romney.

The media attacks him for saying something unseemly about the President in regard to the present foreign policy crises. Never mind what he said—how terrible for him to have said it! Yet his poll numbers stay the same, for the most part.

The media presents Mitt Romney telling some fundraisers that 47% of the electorate is never going to vote for him anyway, so forget about trying to convince them on the sanity of tax reformation. Mitt Romney gives up on half of the country! Yet his poll numbers—many of whom mathematically must fall into the 47%—remain unchanged, for the most part.

The President and Vice-President hit Romney with all sorts of negative press, issuing corrections on Romney’s behalf to David Letterman, or quoting from Chinese sources, or having various groups write up scathing commentaries in the press. Yet, again, the poll numbers are staying put.

The Democrats put on a convention that the popular media declares was much better run and more appealing than the Republicans; Bill Clinton delivers a speech that allegedly resonates with Americans struggling to accept or understand the Republican positions. The poll numbers tick up, but then tick right back down.

The last time they changed to stay was when Mitt Romney selected Paul Ryan as his running mate. Before that, it was winning the nomination. And that leads us to our next point.

Talking isn’t going to win the election. This is bad news for the President, who prefers to talk.

Doing seems to be way to pull ahead. This is bad news for Mitt Romney, who seems to be sitting back and waiting for the Next Big Thing. He needs to realize he should make himself the Next Big Thing. Do something. It worked before, and it will work again.

Romney needs to realize that speeches and ads are not going to win him more than 48% of the vote. He needs to demonstrate that he can lead, and stop issuing proposals.

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