Hoping and Changing for Attack and Blame

GorT has a roughly 25 mile commute each way to work and many of his Metro DC radio stations start fading towards the end of the trip.  Luckily, he has Sirius XM radio in the car – he still plays spin the dial with it.  As part of spinning the dial this morning, GorT heard an excerpt of an interview with Paul Ryan (I’m unsure of which program or host conducted the interview and it is not relevant anyway).

In the excerpt Ryan characterized the Obama campaign as switching from “Hope and Change” to “Attack and Blame” as he explained how President Obama cannot run on his record given the poor recovery, jobs numbers, etc. that the country currently faces.  While I agree, I would go one step further by postulating the following: since taking office, when has President Obama delivered any “hope and change”?  I struggle to find any examples of it but clearly he has been riding the “attack and blame” train since January 2009.

He has clearly pointed (and continues to point) at the previous administration as the culprit for this economic downturn.  And after joking about how the shovel ready jobs weren’t as “shovel ready as [he] thought”, he blames the slow recovery on various global issues, the republicans and the phases of the moon (ok, maybe not that last one).  Is this “hope and change” from previous politicians in office?  Is this demonstrating any sort of leadership?  Being a leader in government or in the private industry is a tough job.  One needs to be accountable for the problems and humble and gracious to those to work for him/her for the successes.  A good leader derives satisfaction from seeing the organization (or department or team) succeed as a whole – pushing those under him/her to excel and supporting them in many ways.  Ryan strikes me as that kind of guy.  Romney maybe to some degree but no one on the democrat side resembles this.

Some liberals will point to Obamacare – about the only “accomplishment” of this administration – as an example of “hope and change” but when you pull back the covers and see the increased cost to the country, the shenanigans with how it was passed, and the fact that at its core, it is a bloated legal document that few fully understand and many are still trying to figure out.  Is that the kind of change we need in our federal government?

Remember his pitch about his experience as a community organizer and being able to bring people together?  How much of that has been done?  Instead, we get the “I won, you lost, now get out of the way” type of rhetoric.

I really think that if people sit down and listen to the plans and the reasoning behind them, Ryan sounds brilliant.  What one needs to do then is ask the democrats for the same – what are the plans and the reasoning behind them.

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