Chick-fil-a Thought

GorT and family (plus a few) have been on vacation in the Palmetto State – watching the Olympics, going to the beach, etc.  All in all a good time.  We were out and about and I overheard a conversation at a table next to ours while we were out to dinner.  The visitors sounded like they were from a northern state – maybe Ohio, Pennsylvania, or thereabouts.  One questioned what the big deal was (is) about Chick-fil-a and gay marriage.  Another at the table briefly summarized the scenario.  The first questioned it and said, “so everyone is up in arms over the owner of Chick-fil-a for his personal beliefs?  There’s no evidence of discrimination, hate crimes or the like so what?”  The conversation drifted onto other topics but that about summarizes my thoughts on this incident.  It’s one thing if he directed the chains to discriminate in hiring or serving but there’s no evidence that I’ve heard of to date of this.

So, what if Tim Cook comes out and states that he’s against gay marriage or favors only civil unions for homosexuals?  Or Zuckerberg? or any of a number of CEOs of major corporations?  Why tie their personal beliefs to their businesses?  Especially in the case of a franchise chain where the individual stores are operated by individual owners?  (GorT isn’t certain this is Chick-fil-a’s business model per se).

It is disconcerting that those claiming to be tolerant have become intolerant of other people’s personal and religious views – right or wrong from your perspective.

By the way, GorT has been to the “original” Chick-fil-a: the Hapeville Dwarf House (formerly the Dwarf Grill).  Before, you get your panties all in a twist – the dwarf portion is a reference to Snow White and the Seven Dwarves as the restaurant has a miniature door and an animated decoration in that vein.  It’s quite tasty and an experience.

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