Romney’s Best Speech (So Far, Let Us Hope)

Overall, Mitt Romney’s speech to the NAACP was very smart. Very smart.

And you can already see the Obama media feeds emphasizing how he was booed multiple times (a grand total of two, we believe), but neglects to mention the lengthy applause.

Missed it? Too bad, because basically his speech boiled down to this: the Democratic Party has lied for decades to Black America about having their best interest at heart; yeah, there is a conspiracy to keep African Americans poor, but it’s from the Democrats.

And he added that this isn’t merely a rich, white Republican making this claim: Romney hit them hard with facts and figures showing that the more power Democrats get, the worse unemployment, length of employment, and personal value get for Black Americans. The audience got the message, timed perfectly with Black Panther Chairman Malik Zulu Shabazz’s scathing indictment along roughly identical lines: the Democrats are playing black Americans for fools, and you keep buying the same crap. Note that Mitt Romney was a bit nicer about how he put it, but the Czar is quite confident that NAACP audiences were aware of Shabazz’s statements.

The most resounding NAACP response, and one not mentioned in the Obama-fed media, was Mitt Romney’s proactive offer to speak again and again; if asked, his answer was always going to be yes. This is in sharp contrast to the teeth-gritting pain of embarrassment the NAACP suffered when President Obama told them to go screw themselves; he already had their vote and didn’t need to address them personally. Missed that story? What a surprise.

Well, Mitt Romney didn’t, and he got an ovation for his takedown of that attitude. Also effective psychology was Mitt Romney reassuring the NAACP audience that they aren’t making this stuff up: there really is a conspiracy against blacks, that race is a real factor, and someone is keeping them on a leash; it’s the Democrats, who have for decades promised everything but delivered almost nothing. It showed that Romney is taking them seriously, and that African Americans need to start asking their Democrat overlords some very serious questions.

Let us hope this is the first salvo in a very effective counterattack against the nonsense being hurled out of privy windows daily by Axelrod And Friends. Because the speech worked, and while major news outlets are laughing at it, Black Americans are nodding in agreement.

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