High Capacity Magazine Ban Legislation: Dems Continue To Display Their Ignorance

‘Puter stole this picture from Czar’swedding album. Just out of the frameis GorT sporting the newest in plasmapowered portable rail guns. Liberal coastal elites’ willful and inexplicable ignorance on all things bang-stick-y is showing again. Democrats in the House and the … Continue reading

GorT On Vacation

GorT and family are on vacation this week visiting the lovely Palmetto State.  It’s been a frequent destination for the family and we enjoy it tremendously.  We’ve had a spat of thunderstorms but all-in-all the kids are having fun, we’ve … Continue reading

The Spawn’s Hatching

Thank goodness for Mrs. ‘Puter’sgenes. Otherwise, Spawn wouldbe slow and unattractive like‘Puter. Though if there’s justice,Spawn inherited ‘Puter’s balding gene. Eleven years ago, around three a.m., ‘Puter’s youngest son Spawn burst forth from his shell entered the world. He was … Continue reading