Fast And Furious Spin

As reported today via multiple news outlets:

Democrats went on the offensive Thursday over the contempt proceedings against Attorney General Eric Holder, with the White House calling the campaign a “fishing expedition” and Nancy Pelosi accusing Republicans of targeting Holder because of his department’s crackdown on state voter ID laws. 

Wow.  Ok, the Department of Justice is cracking down on state voter ID laws?  How?  By having states require a valid photo identification when someone wants to vote?  Or maybe by investigating voter intimidation incidents where people from the Department of Justice believe there is sufficient evidence?
Reports go on to say:
Asked about Pelosi’s claim, Carney said he could not “divine” Republicans’ motivation for pursuing the contempt case against Holder. But he adamantly defended both Holder and President Obama for his decision to assert executive privilege over the documents Republicans are seeking. 
Again, more evidence that Carney and/or this administration is coming up short on the IQ yardstick.  I’ll make it simple for Mr. Carney and “divine” the Republicans’ motivation for pursuing the contempt case: they want the AG and the Department of Justice to comply with a legal, federal subpoena.  Is that so hard to understand?  It was repeated by many Republicans in the hearing yesterday – provide the requested documents, avoid the contempt vote.
And he is defending the executive privilege claim in a potential admission of involvement in Fast and Furious decision making or fallout mitigation efforts.

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