Do You Have A Green Job?

You might be surprised to find out, you do.  Something to keep in mind when the Obama Administration touts all the “green jobs” that it has “created or saved” is how the Obama Administration is defining “green jobs”.  For example, all of the jobs below are considered “green jobs” and are counted as part of that statistic:

  • Janitorial services in a “green energy” company
  • Driving a hybrid bus, or any kind of school bus whatsoever
  • Professor teaching environmental studies
  • Someone that fills the gas tanks of buses
  • Employees at a bicycle shop
  • Employees of antique dealers
  • Salvation Army employees
  • Rare book and manuscript dealers
  • Consignment shop workers
  • Used record store employees
  • Trash disposal yard workers
  • Oil lobbyist who advocates for the oil industries environmental efforts

 For the Congressional testimony to back this up, see the video below.  While the beginning is interesting as well, this section starts around 4:15 into the video.

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