Sabotage II – Didn’t Team Obama ’12 get the last memo?

Gentle Readers,

Recall when Dr. J. suggested that there are those in the Obama campaign trying to help President Obama lose? There is no other way to explain their stupidity for calling out Mitt Romney on things for which the President, in his own autobiography, tied or topped?

Well, today there was yet another example of this.

The story going around the internet is that Mitt and his chums at a tony prep school Dr. J. never heard of, held down a classmate and shaved his head.

Now it is emerging that the article has elements of a hit piece.

Nevertheless, Mitt was not the only high school kid who used bad judgement in high school. President Obama dabbled in illegal recreational pharmaceuticals in high school, admitting as much in his autobiography. He also was prejudiced against his white classmates due to the influence of Frank Marshall Davis.

One would argue that this is comparing apples to oranges. True. Bullying is the sin du jour in the minds of the left. While Dr. J. would not put up with his kids being bullied, or bullying, it is not the only bad behavior at school. Indeed, the Lil Med Student had to write a not of apology to a classmate for ‘tapping her’ and annoying her in class. He informed Dr. J. of this transgression, and Dr. J. made him make amends.

President Obama was teased as an elementary school student because a female classmate was sweet on him. As a consequence, he pushed her physically away from him. Classy, but he was a kid. Kids do dumb stuff.

It is clear based on what Dr. J. has seen on twitter and the internet, the Right is now willing to push back when pushed. The right is learning to play hardball with the Left.

More importantly, all of this shows that the Obama Campaign is flailing wildly and in an undisciplined manner.  They continue to make silly personal attacks Romney for things that Obama is equally guilty of in his past, and he documented in his autobiographies!

Obama’s campaign advisors are either stupid, or trying to help him lose.

Either way, it’s OK by Dr. J.

About Dr. J.

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