An Eye on the Electoral Count

Dr. J.’s buddy, Jamie Jeffords, at the Eye of Polyphemus, writes today regarding potential Blue-state pickoffs for Mr. Romney. Now, Dr. J. quibbles about they way he defines a blue state (a state that went for Obama in 2008, rather than a state that over the last few election has been firmly blue or red, but like Dr. J. said, that’s a minor point).

He did make this interesting point about Virginia that got Dr. J. to worry.

I am cautiously optimistic about Virginia, but those blue-ish DC suburbs in the northern part of the state are loaded with self-loathing affluent progressives who feel obligated to guide the rest of the red state yokels whom they believe do not know any better. On a less snaky note, Gov. Bob McDonnell’s organization handed Mitt Romney the primary. It may put him over the in the commonwealth in November. McDonnell will noty (sic.) be Romney’s running mate, but a Cabinet post is his for the taking.

Those affluent blue-ish DC suburbs are might become bluer in the near future given the tax increase that affluent Montgomery County Marylanders are facing, making it a tougher battleground in the future. However Dr. J. doesn’t expect the state to enjoy a demographic shift due to an exodus from navy blue Maryland in time for November. That being said, you never know.

Go read the rest of Jamie’s predictions. He did a great job prognosticating the Republican Primaries (nailing the trifecta almost every time) so his analysis of the battleground states is worth reading.

Oh yeah, the bonus babe of the day is Catwoman.

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