Two Points on the Treyvon case

Your Gormogons have been quiet about the Treyvon, beyond the Czar’s outstanding essays here, because the public simply doesn’t know a lot about the situation and the usual suspects have been ratcheting up the rhetoric for power and profit.

Dr. J. has decided to throw in his two cents to say, basically the drama revolving around this sad case is harming, rather than helping the situation.

The Doctor has a few observations.

1. VDH wrote today:

A final thought. The new consensus position — Bill O’Reilly voiced it the other night on Fox News — seems to be that an arrest and an indictment would be the proper compromise, as the case was turned over to a prosecutor before a judge and/or jury — even though it is not yet clear that the evidence thus far nullifies the initial decision not to charge Mr. Zimmerman with a crime of murder, manslaughter, or assault.

This is one of the major problems we face when we have the media (in the form of doctored tapes in NBC) and folks like the New Black Panther Party, the Reverend Al, and even the White House weighing in on the situation without all of the facts, that commentators such as Bill O’Reilly, want to come in as the ‘voice of reason’, and ‘look for compromise.’ It is not the job of the justice system to compromise, as the Czar voiced this morning regarding the President’s POTUS/SCOTUS goadUS. The job of the justice system is to appropriately apply the law and mete out justice between two aggrieved parties. It is not the job of the justice system to charge an individual inappropriately and put on a show trial to make one side, or the other feel better. The fact that ‘reasonable people’ such as Bill O’Reilly are looking for compromise informs Dr. J. how far we’ve slipped from our founding principles.

2. Just what the hell is a ‘White Hispanic’!?!!?

Because Dr. J. has a working familiarity with Federal research grants, he has a working familiarity with this concept.

You see, the government is all about dividing people into groups and counting the number of people in those groups to make sure that one group isn’t being favored over another. They have nothing better to do with your tax dollars. With regard to research, the government does not want to see a researcher excluding ethnic or non-ethnic individuals or individuals of a specific racial group without justification. Furthermore, they don’t want an ethnic or racial group to be specifically targeted without justification. They see themselves as protecting ethnic and racial minorities rights. So for example, if you want to compare hypertension genes of African-American, Caucasian-American, and native Africans, you would need to have a 1:1:1 ratio of subjects to make your life easier. Therefore, you would need a lot of African-Americans, in proportion to the population Caucasian-Americans or native Africans due to the fact that African-Americans are in the minority. That is an appropriate reason to target a minority population. Furthermore if you are interested in trying to identify a gene, and thus a mechanism of disease, for a specific affected population, such as diabetes in Pima Indians, that is also an appropriate reason to target a population.

Getting back to White Hispanics, the Government has two categories of classification, as carefully worded above. There is an ethnic category, meaning Hispanic/Latino, or not Hispanic/Latino. There is also a racial category, meaning American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, Black/African American, and White.

You can therefore imagine creating a 2×5 table where individuals can neatly fit into one of 10 boxes. Mr. Zimmerman thus becomes a White Hispanic, a designation that has its origins in the government bureaucracy trying its darndest to make sure every little subset of humanity they can come up with is both ‘getting its piece of the pie’ and isn’t being preyed upon by the man.

Now the Obama Administration and the mainstream media it has found a new application for this tool, namely, in race and class warfare and re-election politics.

Now back to your regularly schedule bread and circus.

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