Mailbag – More Anime

Nightfly writes:

Dear Darth Doctor: 

Yamato is a worthy vessel indeed. 

We modeled the Supersonic Rocket Ship on her basic design, after an early prototype based on G-Force’s Phoenix ran into operation problems. (Far too much Fiery, not quite enough Phoenix. Live (luckily) and learn.) 

But we only use our wave motion generator to heat coffee. The Department of Practical Jokes uses a LOT of coffee. 

Please report to the Czar that we’ve finished our latest operation. Several sections of the Great Wall of China are now entirely composed of Lego bricks. We hope he is pleased. We would have reported earlier, but we were fighting the Gamilons, and could not stop until we’d won.  


P.S. The too-large hat Captain Avatar always wears was a going-away present from us. We never dreamed he’d love it so much he’d wear it constantly, even into battle.


Thanks for writing in. Battle of the Planets was a less faithful translation of the Japanese program Science Ninja Team Gatchaman. They took a 100+ episode series and chopped it up into 87 episodes, putting some of the adventures in space, adding a silly robot, making one of the team members autistic and wiping away most of the evidence that the main villain was a human hermaphrodite that switched between male and female genders every few episodes. Other than that, Dr. J. enjoyed that show in his youth. It was, however, no Star Blazers.

By the way, Czar told me to let you know he wants the Willis Tower in Chicago to be rebuilt/replaced with Brix Blox. He said something about recommending buying some stock in Sears before purchasing the requisite plastic bricks.

Happy Easter.

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