Missing the Point? More Like Misleading the Point.

Like most conservatives, the Czar has a like/dislike thing for Rush Limbaugh. Entertaining? Usually. But Limbaugh always does his homework, and knows that any comment he makes will be scrutinized under a microscope. Even still, Limbaugh strikes the Czar as undisciplined and too eager to please…sometimes, ya gotta say No to a bit.

However, the Czar has always been delighted with one aspect of Limbaugh: the Left’s pathological hatred of the man. Most people on the Right have little or no idea that the Left views him as the Pope of Conservativism. Really—bring up Limbaugh to an unsuspecting Leftie, and most will assume you know that Rush Limbaugh is secretly the head of the Republican Party. No kidding.

And thus, when Limbaugh makes a rare error—such as his causal reference to Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke by a word the Czar does not use—the Left leaps on him with glee.

The Mainstream Media of course is not doing its homework; as you suspect, they are making Rush Limbaugh the subject of the story, instead of the actual subject, which is Ms. Fluke herself. This is necessary because Ms. Fluke’s actual statement is a mind-blowing bombshell in its own right: yes, she needs the government to pay for contraceptives solely because the cumulative costs of inexpensive contraception are hurting her financially, what with all the sex she has. Incredible. But rather than expose her as a government plant (you will someday soon learn that Ms. Fluke is no mere law student), the MSM needs you to focus on Rush Limbaugh’s use of a bad word.

How convenient, since they laughed heartily when their own version, Bill Maher, said much worse about Sarah Palin without so much as a shrug. But it amazes the Czar that anyone is still shocked by the Left using a double-standard; it’s like being surprised that zebras have stripes.

Of course, the progressively worsening Washington Post took Limbaugh to task in an editorial, suggesting that conservatives need to distance themselves from Limbaugh as quickly as possible. This viewpoint is understandble if you remember a few things.

First, like most on the Left, they see Limbaugh as Our Leader and that alone means he must be exiled from conservatives. After all, conservatives must have a leader, right? Cut off the head and the snake dies, right? Right?

Also, WaPo assumes that conservatives do what Leftists do when one of them makes a mistake or goes off the reservation—you personally vilify him and ostracize him until the public forgets about him. Then you let him right back in doing what he did before with a wink and nod. It evidently does not occur to the WaPo that conservatives really don’t care what Rush said. In fact, they might be inclined to focus on what Ms. Fluke said that the WaPo is ignoring.

And let us always remember that the Left does not perceive itself as hypocritical. When Rush Limbaugh refers to Ms. Fluke with a high schooler’s word, it’s because He Really Believes It. When Bill Maher referred to Sarah Palin as an anatomical feature that was obscene even in Chaucer’s day, He Was Kidding.

Remember? Like when George Bush uses a malapropism, it’s because he’s stupid; when Barack Obama thought our country has 57 states, it’s because he was tired. Shades of gray, people!

Except the final laugh is on The Washington Post. Despite their increasingly obvious Leftie bias, readers are voting with their feet. Whereas Limbaugh’s ratings, we believe, are still first. Seems that when it comes to matters of opinion, Washington Post never covers the right angle.

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