Hitting the Second Amendment Fast and Furious

Trust us in our ability to predict things. But what’s worse than the old Cassandra complex, in which you rail that no one believes your predictions until after they come true? When people tend not to listen, but then go ahead and make the same prediction you did.

Not that the Czar is bitter—the more people who buy into it, the better for all of us. And indeed, the Czar is flattered to have provided Rich Lowry of The Corner a strong foundation on which to build.

Mr. Lowry has a nice piece on why Obama will be more dangerous if re-elected. His arguments are as follows:

  1. An Obama re-election will not convince the GOP to rid itself of moderates; it will actually make it harder to remove them.
  2. ObamaCare will become reality unless a GOP president can destroy it.
  3. The President will not be stopped by a Republican Congress, as he has proven he does not need a Congress at all.
  4. The President will ultra-liberalize the Supreme Court of the United States, achieving what FDR did not: an elimination of Constitutional checks.

Of course, this might sound familiar: you read this exact same argument, in pretty much this exact order, back in December. Guess where?

But let us be realistic: Rich Lowry is seeing the big picture clearly and correctly. Many right-leaning journalists are starting to parrot an insidiously worrisome comment that originated on the Left and somehow got picked up by the curiously gullible libertarian side and openly confessed by George Will: how bad could an Obama re-election get? Really, would it be so much worse than a Romney presidency?

Um, yes. The reasons are there, and to one-up the very nice Mr. Lowry, the Czar will give these too-eager-to-surrender libertarians one more reason to re-assess their belief that Barack Obama will suddenly grant them more rather than less personal liberty: one of their most cherished assets, the Second Amendment.

We can pick apart the liberal leanings of Mitt Romney (and boy, will we ever). We can close our eyes and hope that Rick Santorum gets to the point and please tell me he didn’t just say that. And we can wonder about whatever Newt Gingrich is talking about, and equally worry about whatever Ron Paul is talking about.

But come on: Operation Fast and Furious? You remember this, in which the Obama administration—very likely with his blessing—tried to drum up support for suspending the Second Amendment by tricking Americans into selling guns to extremely dangerous foreign criminals for the sole purpose of creating a link between Second Amendment rights and the ongoing Mexican slaughter of innocent people.

You guys remember the Second Amendment right? You all seem to quote it enough. So here is the score: this administration needed to stop it. The Left of course has thousands of laws about handguns, but sporting (“non-assault”) rifles have always eluded their grasp; however, let a couple thousand American rifles be used to kill people in Mexico and Arizona, and maybe there will be enough of an uproar and outrage to declare a permanently temporary ban on long guns.

And tragically, if at least one American law enforcement officer wasn’t murdered and the gun ditched nearby, this would never have blown up on US Attorney General Holder. And his former assistant’s comment that the President knew about the scam before it went bad. Never mind the hundreds of innocent Mexican civilians also killed—no one in the media seems to care about them.

So this is how a president acts in his first term? How do you think he will act in his second? After all, he will not be so interested in focus groups and polling like he is now.

The Czar has gotta say—and he’s casting a narrowed eye at George Will and friends here—you guys came )this( close to losing a major part of the Second Amendment. And apparently you’re okay with that, despite what your bumper stickers say. And when you decide that the current GOP candidates are too… well, whatever…for your tastes, think about all this in the voting booth.

Maybe Romney isn’t such a twit. Maybe Santorum isn’t such a sanctimonious altar boy. And maybe Gingrich isn’t such a long-winded standup act. But Obama’s men are proven to be more ruthless than you dare to think. They don’t need to pry anyone’s gun from anyone’s dead fingers—it seems you’ll happily hand it over to send some sort of vague message about weeding moderates. What a fine epitaph for gun owners.

It is this simple: you cannot in good conscience be pro-gun and accepting of an Obama re-election. You will need to choose which is more important to you by November. Because this isn’t an idle threat—his administration already tried and nearly got away with it. They will be far more careful the next time, for they have lots of good ideas. What they need you to give them is more time.

The Czar says No. But the decision, of course, rests with you.

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