Guest Post: Health Insurance I Need

BG writes a short essay so perfect that the Czar presents it in its entirety.

Great Axe-Wielding Czar –

You state, “Obamacare provides nothing that the majority of Americans want; it provides—at great cost—a handful of dark and unpleasant items that fewer than 18% of Americans desire.”

I recently turned 61 years old; my wife is 57 (wow, that happened fast…). So we reallyreallyreally need contraceptive services because we’re afraid that any minute now, Angels of the Lord will appear before us, as they did before Abraham and Sarah, and inform us that the missus is great with child, and we will become progenitors of nations and we’re not ready to deal with that yet.

You know what I haven’t seen in Obamacare – in addition to constitutionality and common sense? Deductibles. A lot of people – me and the missus included – view insurance as something to protect us from the risk of catastrophic financial loss, not something that covers every scraped knee. The smart people who cobbled together Obamacare decided we must be stupid because we don’t understand why we need to be protected from every medical expense, even the ten bucks a month birth control pills cost.

Hey, smart guys, can me and the missus drop the birth control coverage and pay less for our insurance each month?


Well, can we at least opt for a high deductible against the risk of unintended pregnancy?


Well, can we get some other health insurance coverage that isn’t subject to stupid government regulations that do us no good whatsoever?


Gee, thanks; more government control is improving our lives every day!

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