Star Wars: Episode 1 – Now with more Menace

Dr. J. has had a crazy weekend. Lil Med Student sustained a concussion food shopping with Dr. J. For parents out there, a real-life version of Shopping Cart Hero is not a good idea. Dr. J. appreciates all of the well wishes on twitter.

Just to tide you over until Dr. J. can write something of import, as The Czar and GorT have been doing the yeoman’s work the last few days, this guy from Belatedmedia tells us how Lucas could have made Episode I great.

Dr. J. stands by the notion that a few simple tweaks are all that it needed to make it much better, but this guy gets what the studio should have told George Lucas to have put it on par with Empire Strikes Back.

It is worth a watch if you have 12 minutes to spare:

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