Mailbag – FU Edition

Dr. J. has been crazy busy and the mail has been piling up. He apologizes and will empty the bag as quickly as he can, but here is a quick hit for our readers.

And FU means follow up, not anything else.

You may remember newly minted Operative R2DT wrote in regarding his niece R2E2 doing a little fund raising for Geleophysic Dysplasia in memory of R2C2, her sister.
We have some follow up:

Thank you. Ella raised over $10,000. We are all quite humbled by the charity of others.

Why thank you R2DT. We were happy to do whatever we could. You should be proud of R2C2 being charitable at such a young age.

Speaking of charity, this year, The United States of America was number one in the World Giving Index survey sponsored by the Charity Aid Foundation. We moved up from fifth in 2010. The methodology uses a survey of individuals, and asks if they donated money to an organization, volunteered time to an organization and helped a stranger. They probably tried to adjust for GDP and such. Real simple right? Right.

So while we were not number one in money, time and helping strangers individually, in aggregate, we won out. This is like having the number two defense, number three offense and number three special teams and winning the Super Bowl.

This goes to show that Americans are truly generous individuals. It would be nice if the yoke of taxation was relieved so that we could do even more for our fellow man. 

About Dr. J.

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