The Eyes Have It!

Dr. J.’s buddy, Jamie Jeffords at the Eye of Polyphemus has been covering the Republican Primaries, and his predictions have been prophetic.

He discusses the Santorum surge today. He makes five points regarding the surge.

He writes:

First, Santorum looks like he is not only the Not Romney, but the Not Gingrich, too, which points to a whole lot of voters settling for him because there is no one else left. Heck, the results of the Maine caucus and the CPAC straw poll imply ron Paul’s supporters have gone home to their bomb shelters to snuggle with their firearms and hoarded gold to wait for the coming apocalypse. If the paulistas have lost interest, so has everyone else.

Now go read the rest.

P.S. Brooklyn Decker, whoever she is, was yesterday’s the babe of the day, for those who care about such things…

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