Mitte de la Romnée parle français? Mais bien sûr. Et le Triton?

So Newt is running an ad making fun of Mitt’s speaking French, eh? The Volgi carries no water for Willard Mittens Romney, of course, but Newter, please. Confucius happens to have a copy of Newt’s dissertation, Belgian Educational Policy in the Congo 1945–1960 (unpublished; Tulane, 1971) lying around here. As he tweeted to John Podhoretz when the latter brought up that Newt must had to pass a language-proficiency test, like, say, French, here’s a random sample of Newt’s bibliography (cliquez à embiggener):

L’hypocrisie est un hommage que le vice rend à la vertu, comme dit La Rochefoucauld, n’est-ce pas, M. le Newt?