Dems Unwittingly Admit They Know the Truth

Don’t get the Czar wrong, here—he thinks America can do lots more for our veterans, especially our wounded veterans.

The Senate, 95-0, passed the Hire Heroes Act, which provides incentives for businesses to hire veterans. Unemployment is high for veterans, of course, and the new legislation aims to fix that.

So what on earth would annoy the Czar with that good news?

The incentives, which reveal what a load of crap the Democrats keep shoveling.

In order to encourage businesses to hire veterans, companies who do in fact hire veterans get a tax break.

That’s right: the Democratic-led Senate, and signed into law by a Democratic President, admits that if you want to lower unemployment, you need to give businesses a tax break.

Here’s a rising-tide suggestion from the Czar to the Democrats: how about you lower corporate tax rates across the effing board, and help all Americans get back to work? Come to think of it, numerous Republicans have suggested the same thing, but somehow that plan doesn’t hold water, say the Democrats.

But when Democrats want to favor a particular group, out comes the Laffer Curve.

Fair is fair: veterans need help, and we owe them everything. Glad to see the voting went 95-nil. So the Czar would not dare suggest repealing this act: he not only supports it, but thinks it should be extended to people way beyond veterans.

When Democrats insist that lowering taxes will not help the economy, it won’t take a veteran to point to this law and say “You know you’re lying.”

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