A Civil War? Promise?

Uncle Jay shares this thought:

When I get emails from my Left Coast “friends” (and I use that term very loosely) I have to wonder what they are smoking, and what idiots like Andrew Sullivan are imbibing.

If you ask why I remain such a strong Obama supporter, it is because I see him as that rare individual able to withstand the zeal without becoming a zealot in response, and to overcome the recklessness of pure religious ideology with pragmatism, civility and reason. That’s why they fear and loathe him. Not because his policies are not theirs’. But because his temperament is their nemesis. If he defeats them next year, they will break, because their beliefs are so brittle, but will then reform, along Huntsman-style lines. If they defeat him, I fear we will no longer be participating in a civil conversation, however fraught, but in a civil war.

Yikes! A liberal warning us of dire consequences if we dump the Chose One.

Yeah, we know Sullivan thinks himself a conservative; no doubt, by his acquaintances, he is comparatively so. We know who he really is. But he fails to acknowledge a simpler truth: millions of people voted for Obama in 2008. And millions now want to vote for anyone else. It has nothing to do with how cool-headed he is, but how empty-headed he acts.

And of course our readers know that when a liberal says “You conservatives are all a bunch of racist cowards who will turn violent the instant they lose momentum,” he really means he is a racist coward who might be inclined to use violence when he doesn’t get his way.

There simply is no second alternative—the President is politically finished, and short of a Krugman-like miracle, he and his liberal agenda will be neatly folded up and placed into a trashbin for future political analysis.

And the only civil war will be the cognitive dissonance already raging in liberal heads over this guy.

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