Suicide Note…

Operative S.M. has presented your Mandarin with the following inquiry:

Given the typical progressive dogmas: man kills earth, a man’s life has no value, and all men who are successful should have everything done to them to strip them of success, I wonder why this simple proposal is never carried out by these progressives… suicide?

If all progressives everywhere committed suicide they’d solve their “overpopulation” claims, anthropogenic climate worries (given the sudden drop in population and demand for any man made good), the hunger of many, etc. They could be the change they want in the world by leaving it. We can even call it something more progressive than suicide, like human empowerment (especially if the method of choice is electrical) or if that’s not a popular way to go, freedom flights for refugees of man’s suffering (so long as the general method is a leap off something tall I guess), or if we want something via a needle, universal health cure for human ailments.

Operative S.M.

Your Mandarin would like to remind operative S.M. and all Gormogon acolytes that the liberal/progressive could not and would not commit suicide for the betterment of society. To escape their own personal hardships being the cowards that most progressives are, maybe.

In the minds of these liberal and academic elites they are the ones that should survive to better the planet and eliminate or at least subjugate the less educated masses that can’t care for themselves without progressive intervention. One need look no further than the Eugenics movement of the early 20th century and to Planned Parenthood today to see progressive ideas of select population control in action.

About The Mandarin

The Mandarin, whose real name is 吏恆, joined the order in 1309, and introduced the Gormogons into England during the 18th Century. The Mandarin enjoys spending time with his pet manticore, Βάρἰκος, or Barry (who can be found in the Bestiary). When not in the Castle…well, frankly, nobody is quite sure where he goes. The Mandarin popularized the fine art of “gut booting,” by which he delivers a powerful kick to the stomach of anyone that annoys him. Although nearly universal today, the act of gut booting or threatening someone or something with a gut boot is solely due to him.