Not Sure On This One

Dear Mr. Czar,

I couldn’t help but notice Mandarin’s animal testing. Here is a similar video:

I came across this because of story where a guy worked for one of those online help sites- you enter chat with a person, tell ’em your problem, and they try to figure it out. Instead of helping he would respond with ‘would you like to see a cat on LSD?’. This is the video he would link for them.

God Bless,

J S, Operative in charge of Kitties (non-Hello, of course)

The Czar is of the opinion that the video is a fake.

In 1957, the use of high quality color film was quite rare. Many home movies could use color development, but the costs were a bit too expensive for the government at the time except in special cases. The Air Force, in 1957, would have used black and white footage for something like this.

Additionally, the Wright Air Development Center would have been the Wright-Patterson Air Development Center in 1957, and would probably have used analog instead of the more anglicized analogue. A lot of people are linking to videos like this on the web; however, it is unusual that they would have experimented so many times on so many cats, and there does not seem to be a conclusive source verifying the authenticity of the video.

Also of note is the use of the phrase lysergic acid. This is not LSD, which is lysergic acid diethylamide. This is not an error the US Air Force would have made. Besides, by 1947, LSD was not only considered safe to apply to humans but was being recommended for a variety of conditions. Animal testing as late as 1957 would be unnecessary. Looks great, and who knows what the hell happened to the cat, but this smacks of a well-done forgery using footage from something else.

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