Nihil Novi Sub Sole

Once again, it falls to the Gormogons to spell it out for everybody.

Another “flash mob” incident happened in Germantown, MD, in which a group of 28 teens charged a convenience store and looted the place, evacuating in under a minute. A “flash mob,&#148 for those unfamiliar with the term, is a phrase coined by the media to describe any type of organized crime, whether or not it has anything to do with coordinating via text message, because the media is hip on all this internet stuff, you see, no matter what you hear about declining ratings and subscriptions.

CNN reported on the crime in great detail, failing to mention that the offenders were black. The Czar was once stranded in Germantown, where he sat in the town center way into the wee hours drinking oil cans of Foster’s from the late-night liquor store that was open, while Mandarin and a couple other people hoofed it all the way back to NoVA to get a larger car for everyone. The Czar does not recall what time Mandy came back, but it was pretty close to dawn and the Czar really had to friggin’ pee by the time he got back to his hotel in Vienna, Virginia.

Back in February, a similar crime happened when dozens of youths swarmed into a St. Paul, Minnesota, convenience store attached to a gas station. As before, they were black teenagers.

And beginning back in March and continuing well into August, numerous attacks occurred in several locations in Philadelphia, prompting a strict curfew from the mayor. A CNN story fails to mention that the offenders were black, but seems to think it important to indicate that Philadelphia’s Mayor Michael Nutter is black.

In late April, a “flash mob” ran amok through Dupont Circle, raiding a clothing store of expensive merchandise while vanishing in one-to-minutes. Between 20 and 30 teens. Black, by the way, although you really have to dig into the stories to find any mention of race. Even in the six-to-eight nearly identical incidents which happened later.

Then, in May, it was Las Vegas’ turn—a group of 30 youths hit a convenience store, cleaned the shelves, robbed the clerk, and were gone in 3 minutes, 30 seconds. And all of them were Irish. No, wait—all were black.

A series of twelve similar attacks happened in Chicago when a group of 29 teens hit some of the more upscale retail areas back in June. The offenders were largely, if not entirely, African-American. The Czar wavers on his certainty, because once again news reports scrubbed any indication of race where possible.

In early August, about 24-30 youths attacked State Fair goers in West Allis, a suburb of Milwaukee. While news of the “flash mob” attacks made slight headlines locally in Milwaukee, the number of news stories that indicated it was black-on-white violence could be counted on one hand.

Social media is to blame, by the way. Or so a lot of the stories posit, with ridiculous conjectures about how that awful social media—you know, the kind where any dork with a smart phone can cover a breaking story more accurately than a legion of highly trained, professional J-school graduates with limited internet access. That awful, awful social media.

Or, perhaps, it has to do with unemployment. You know, the social bonds are breaking under the strain of all these actual and proposed budget cuts. What is a disadvantaged inner city diversity-sponsoring youth to do except protest? Those awful, awful Republicans.

What does the Czar think? Well, let us add one other event to the time line. Back in April, the New Black Panther Party (or the Friends of Holder, you might say), announced they were helping to organize a National Day of Action and Unity across 60 cities, including confrontations targeting white-owned businesses. The actual day was supposed to be April 23, but they had a little trouble getting support.

But take note: helping to organize. You see, they aren’t behind it—they merely want to jump in as well. So who is organizing this?

Clearly someone is: the modul operandi consists of rapid hits on people or businesses, almost always involving chaos and theft, and the victims are non-blacks; the perpetrators are generally groups of vaguely similar black youths platooned into cadres of 20-30.

And the craziness in England, in which a few cities have seen violence and rioting by a wide swath of races and statuses, began with a racial component as well. But race actually has nothing to do with this at its heart—the people responsible for this are merely using racial economic differences as a trigger. The reality is that these kids are being duped, recruited, indoctrinated, and scheduled to commit these crimes by people with a very impure agenda. England got closest to the real goal by getting lots of people involved who had no real purpose in participating. Whoever actually organized it all decided that black teenagers would be the weapon.

And in some ways, we saw this in Vancouver, just as we saw it in Copenhagen. In fact, the Czar produced a timeline of other events that strangely parallel each other. They aren’t “flash mobbing” because they are disadvantaged black youths with smart phones; they are creating disorder because they are being told to do so. The fact they are black merely proves someone is leveraging this to create the perception of a racial or class war.

No? Still don’t buy it? Consider this: you can find stories of similar “flash mob” hits going back to 2010. And 2009. And 2008. The media did not come up with the “flash mob” misnomer until 2011, when they took an existing and totally unrelated social media term and applied it. Now, of course, there is a wave of flash mob violence tearing across America. Except it is the same as it was.

And the same as it was in Chicago, 1968. There is nothing new about this. Social media is not to blame. Social injustice is not to blame. Radical leftists, still very much bent on starting some sort of war, are to blame.

Yeah, ‘Puter: hippies. But not the drug-addled hippies who now run Hollywood, own wine shops in suburbs, or write crank letters to state officials—the really dangerous radical hippies who still think violence, anarchy, chaos, and terror are legitimate tools for social change. The well-funded and connected hippies our US Attorney General refuses to investigate, much less prosecute.

They may be much cleaner than the other hippies, but their fingerprints are filthy. And everywhere.