Mandy’s Got a Bunch of $1 Bills

One of the themes that you’ll hear in the news over the next few weeks is how the Tea Party, the GOP and conservatives are mean and don’t want the government to help with assistance in the recovery from the devastating East Coast Earthquake…oops…I mean the devastating impacts of Hurricane Irene.  The underlying story that will try to be created is that the small government advocates are throwing the baby out with the bathwater when it comes to inefficient government agencies and bureaucracies.  ‘Puter touches on some of this here.  So what do the government advocates think is efficient government?  We’ve written before about the massive abuse that took place with federal funds in the post-Katrina recovery.  Hopefully, the post-Irene abuses will be controlled better.  Many will push the idea that assistance programs, particularly for the disadvantaged, right?

The D.C. Attorney General has accused a District HIV/AIDS service provider of spending over $300,000 in federal funding to open a strip club. Miracle Hands Inc. promised the city it was using the cash to renovate a warehouse in Northeast for use as a job training center for residents with HIV/AIDS. Instead, the warehouse was turned into the Stadium Club, a strip club that continues to operate.  Miracle Hands shares an address with the club, according to the company’s website.

It’s so disappointing when a charity abuses federal funds aimed at a promising venture to help people.  It’s really too bad.  It’s too bad the government didn’t know beforehand that problems like this might surface with this group.  Oh wait:

Attempts to reach Miracle Hands owner Cornell Jones were not successful. Jones is a self-described former D.C. drug kingpin with convictions for narcotics distribution on his record.
The grants for the renovations to the warehouse at 2127 Queens Chapel Road NE, were first given to Miracle Hands in 2006 by the District’s HIV/AIDS administration. Earlier this month, an inspector general’s audit of the administration found that during the four-year tenure of the agency’s former director, Debra Rowe, little attention was paid to how dollars were spent by service providers, even as the city’s HIV/AIDS rate reached epidemic levels.
When Rowe was fired in 2008, she went to work for Miracle Hands as its executive director. She could not be reached for comment Tuesday.
In November 2006, nearly one year after Miracle Hands first won its grant to renovate the Queens Chapel Road warehouse, a city grant monitor visited the site and found little work had been done toward meeting a March 2007 deadline, the lawsuit said.
The monitor advised Rowe that Miracle Hands’ funding should be cut. But Rowe, called a “close friend of Jones” in the lawsuit, reportedly said the project was on pace and kept the funding in place. By then, though, Jones had already transferred a liquor license from a strip club he owned in Southeast to the Miracle Hands warehouse in Northeast, the suit said.
In March 2007, “the renovation work … was at best, many months from completion,” the lawsuit said. In April 2007, HIV/AIDS administration gave Miracle Hands an additional $139,000 to continue the renovations, adding another year to the nonprofit’s deadline.
In the middle of that year, Miracle Hands informed the administration that it had decided to open the job training center at a different warehouse and it would be applying the funds to that project, the suit said. A job center never opened at either location. Stadium Club opened in early 2010.  (courtesy of the Washington Examiner)

Brilliant.  Clearly the bitch set him up.

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