Liberal Science

Readers here know the Czar has some pet peeves. One is the notion that Republicans hate science, and Democrats/Liberals are its most ardent supporters. And these same readers know that the Czar likes to list every example of Liberals or Democrats suppressing science (the number far outweighs Republican examples), goes on too long about Republicans providing more scientific funding than Democrats, and how many Liberal beliefs run contrary to science (alternative health, spooky energies, mysticism, and New Agey stuff).

Another related topic is whether or not Liberals really embrace science, or just pretend to. This has some real implications.

Now, we all know the Czar chews up those clipboard holders on busy streets who want to discuss enivronmentalism, green energy, or global change—the Czar is a rottweiler with facts, and is not afraid to bite. He finds that the kids have a belief, a counter-answer for you, and a counter-answer for that. But nothing more: and it takes very little to terrify them with how unprepared they are, how little knowledge they have, and so on. No, the Czar doesn’t mean them.

Instead, the Czar is on about the pretentious claim to scientific reality, when in fact the argument is seriously flawed. For example, we have seen Gov. Rick Perry attacked for not knowing the age of the Earth, not being clear on the difference between teaching Creationism and Evolution, and disputing the purity of climate research. Incidentally, none of these really affect the actions of a president, and Perry should answer with comments like “How about if I ask you some question on foreign policy science, economics, and commerce?” All of these are sciences that are much more applicable to the Presidency of the United States, and indeed are areas that Democrats—particularly President Obama—seem to have little comprehension of.

Liberals, you see, only embrace science when it is politcally convenient to do so. When a soft science provides statistics on something they care about, they jump all over it. When cold, hard math refutes something basic, like over-spending, they avoid it. For a liberal, science is the ideal salad bar: take only what you like, and ridicule the rest.

Another example is technology. Liberals love technology when it benefits them. There isn’t a lot of examples of it benefiting them, though, but a lot of it annoying them.

  • Liberals loved using the Internet to send Photoshopped pictures of Bush around, and emails about BUSH ELEVENTIED and so on. Then the conservatives got hold of it, and began to send out fact-finding information, detailed political analysis, and proposals for correcting the mess. Not surprisingly, many liberals began to push for censorship of the internet in the name of sanity and balance. Liberals tend to request “sanity and balance” like the little kid at the bottom of the pile requests “uncle.”
  • Liberals love technology! Until some factories plan to purchase automation, like car-assembling robots, that increase worker safety and reduce mistakes. Then the unions want them out, and even sabotage the machines to ensure that no jobs will be lost. Then, you see, technology is bad…with reasoning just as stupid as any you have heard.
  • As liberal policies encroached more and more into schools, what happened to scores? Reading, math, and science scores began to crumble to where most high school graduates in liberal enclaves are unable to qualify for college. Programs that depend on appreciation of math, like accounting, music, and drafting, are cut. As we know, it isn’t a question of money: American schools are better funded than nearly anywhere else. The problem isn’t that the students are dumb, either. No, the issue is that liberal educators lack the basis necessary to produce good quality instruction. The Czar is rarely surprised to find the instructors are no better educated than the students.

And so the Czar is finding this assumption—that conservatives are scientific morons and ill-equipped to think properly—is more of a hope than a fact.

And while it is easy for Liberals to point to religious conservatives as examples of nitwittery, a broader, calmer look at the history of the presumption shows it to be almost pure fantasy. Conservatives, through commerce, engineering, technology, and applied mathematics, really deliver.

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