Happy Birthday MTV!

30 Years Ago today, Dr. J. woke up early, and has he was want to do on lazy summer days. He was sitting in Dad’s chair, flipping though the 36 cable channels available in those halcyon early days of cable TV and he stumbled upon this:

Dr. J. was immediately hooked. Dr. J. loved the concept, radio with pictures. Each of the original VJ’s had their own appeal. Mark Goodwin reminded Dr. J. of his best friend’s older brother who liked Ted Nugent and would punch Dr. J. so he didn’t feel left out when his best friend was getting roughed up by said older brother. Alan Hunter and Dr. J. liked the same sort of music. The late J.J. Jackson was a big ole teddy bear. Martha Quinn was the girl next door and Nina Blackwood was the girl you wished was next door. Dr. J. loved the MTV in his youth, and would do homework while the top 20 video countdown was playing in the background. It was the background music of his adolescence.

Then, at somepoint after Dr. J. graduated from college, the Real World debuted and MTV jumped the shark. Since then it’s been a critical downward spiral for the network. While it probably still appeals to the kids, it is no longer music television. Perhaps Viacom could have taken a page out of Logan’s Run and put the channel out of its misery when it turned 21.

Dr. J. takes solace in the fond memories of his youth, and 80’s-on-8 on his satellite radio which is just like his MTV, just without the TV part…

About Dr. J.

Dr. J. was born the son of a New Atlantean sharecropper who cornered the market on notoriously delicious seaweed Himanthalia elongata (popularly known as Thongweed). With his newly minted seaweed fortune, Mr. J. the Elder sent his son to attend the Academy of Sorcery, Alchemy and Surgery where the good doctor apprenticed with the finest sorcerer surgeons in New Atlantis. Dr. J.'s areas of expertise grew to include bleeding, cutting for stone, trephination, medical divination with outstanding spatial and temporal resolution, cybernetic sorcery and medicinal alchemy. When King Orin of Atlantis fell ill with the Ick, Dr. J. stepped in with an elixir he devised from a combination of minerals, herbs and saps. Curing the king, Dr. J. gained significant notoriety which afforded him the luxury of time to devote himself to his side hobbies which include porpoise racing, the study of supply-side economics, cooking and raising his lovely merchildren alongside his lovely bride the archconservative Mrs. Dr. J.