Fairness of Results v. Equality of Results

‘Puter has been up to his elbows in alligators at work of late, so posting has been light from him.

What? Of course your Gormogons have side jobs. How else are we supposed to pay our bar tabs and keep an eye on our minions. Surreptitiously of course.

Czar did blow his cover as a farrier that one time when he accidentally shod horsefaced Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) and was chased away by the Capitol Police. Fortunately for Czar, the Capitol Police are notorious incompetents, and Czar gave them the slip by ducking into the Tune Inn.

Anyhow, ‘Puter’s had some time to stew on the London riots. ‘Puter thinks much of this comes down to liberal ideas having won the battle for our language. Control the language, control the thought, to roughly paraphrase Orwell.

Western society has succumbed to the utterly mistaken notion that fairness means equality. Horse shit. Fairness means equality only in discredited Marxist and Alinskyite dogma, and even they don’t even really believe it. Equating fairness with equality is the rhetoric through which the oppressor class to be stirs up the proletariat to cast off the current oppressors. If you don’t believe it, rewind Obama’s entire 2008 election campaign. Worked like a charm.

‘Puter’s said it before, but he’s going to keep saying it until the politicians start listening. Nowhere in the United States’ foundation documents is an equal outcome for all citizens guaranteed. The only guarantee is that we all get a place at the starting line. How we finish the race is up to us, based on innate ability and hard work.

Yet the Democrats have stood bedrock American principles on their head. We have been convinced that somehow the gifted, hardworking and thrifty owe the poor, shiftless and lazy a free ride, simply by virtue of their existence. To do otherwise would be “unfair.” Again, horse shit. Indolence should not pay. When it does, we get overstuffed couch potatoes living on the dole, stealing booze and flat screen TVs when given the opportunity.

When the uneducated and lazy are poor, this is fair. They have few marketable skills, and to they extent they do, their behavior/sartorial choices render them unmarketable in any decent job. This is unfortunate, and certainly unequal, but hardly unfair. What is unfair is foisting the burden of supporting these rioting malcontents on productive society. Or, put more simply, requiring those who made good normative choices to support those who knowingly did not.

Additionally, permitting the well-to-do to keep much of their earnings is fair, despite what the redistributionists think. It certainly is not equal. Equal would be confiscating the earnings of “the rich” and dividing them among everyone pro rata. Sound familiar? It ought to, because it is in essence the Democrats’ economic plan. And it is profoundly unAmerican.

To hear the whiners tell it, wishing to keep the fruits of one labor is unAmerican and anti-poor. It is not. It is American as apple pie. Nor is it anti-poor. In fact, it is pro-poor, as in “get off your asses, get a job (or better yet create one) and you, too, can be rich.”

What is unAmerican and anti-poor is creating a multi-generational underclass of unemployable, anti-social baby factories who owe no one, and certainly not the country, any obligations whatsoever. In fact, were the now nearly completely destroyed poor community to be honest, government welfare programs have been the prime contributor to its abject moral, intellectual and economic bankruptcy. The Faustian bargain of trading one’s work ethic and dignity for a government check hasn’t worked out too well for them, or for us for that matter.

Disturbingly, we see this notion of “fairness = equality” creeping into all aspects of our life. If you have kids, you’ve certainly seen the self-esteem debacle in our public schools. We have all seen affirmative action and the corrupt industry associated therewith. How about majority black election districts, essentially gerrymandering in the name of equality of results? This marginalization of the effective and productive citizenry is so common now we hardly notice it.

We would all do well to reflect on Robert A. Heinlein’s prescient quote:

Throughout history, poverty is the normal condition of man. Advances which permit this norm to be exceeded- here and there, now and then- are the work of an extremely small minority, frequently despised, often condemned, and almost always opposed by all right-thinking people. Whenever this tiny minority is kept from creating, or (as sometimes happens) is driven out of a society, the people then slip back into abject poverty. This is known as “bad luck.”

Democrats’ insistence on equality of results will someday soon be Heinlein’s “bad luck.”

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