Catalog of Books

You know, the Czar got a bit creeped out this past summer when he was in a large, commercial chain bookstore and saw an aisle—an aisle—named Supernatural Erotic Teen Fiction.

That did not prepare him for the following sign he and the Цесаревич found last night at a book store:

What, exactly, constitutes Cat Literature? Once we stopped laughing, we began to look at the books.

The Inspector Dulcy mysteries by Helen Brown are quite prominent. Dulcy is a veteran English small-town detective inspector who uses bits of string pulled across the carpet to solve crimes.

Gerri Cooper’s Every Cat’s Guide to Thermodynamics is a popular read, even if it is a bit short. However, despite simplification of the math therein, it was a pretty engaging read for a non-cat.

The SunnyPatch Cat Sitters Club is a bit too syrupy for our tastes, but the younger cats seem to like the crazy adventures the girls get into.

And a total shocker is Hayek’s Road to Serfdom. We might have thought it was just mis-stocked, but there were about eight copies there.

Cats are funny animals, to be sure.

[And Freddy Hayek is one cool cat, my babies. —ŒV]

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