Bad Numbers for Progressives

So Gallup concludes, correctly, that America leans conservative. Indeed, their recent poll (which confirms what we have known since the 1980s) holds about the same: 41 percent of Americans openly consider themselves conservative, and 21 percent consider themselves liberal. The rest are independent or moderate.

Now, you have been reading here long enough to know the Czar thinks that political independence is bullshit. These folks either (a) do not vote and therefore do not matter, or (b) more likely have a strong opinion but don’t want to admit it. Indeed, GorT and Volgi were just discussing an old acquaintance of theirs who claims to be exactly that kind of policitally independent moderate, but has voted consistently Democratic each and every opportunity. Their assessment is that he’s a pro-life Democrat, and therefore considers himself independent somehow based on that.

Thus, if we look at the balance (38%), and carry over the 2:1 ratio, we find that another 25% are likely conservative, and that 13% are likely liberal. Realistic correction suggests therefore that 66 percent of the country are conservatives, and 33 percent are liberals.

What is hidden therein is that liberalism covers a wide, wide sweep of beliefs. Some people call themselves liberal who are not; others call themselves nonsense denominators like “fiscal conservative and social liberal.” The point is that the 33% liberal value is itself a suspect number. Indeed, other polls reiterate that die-hard liberals—progressives, socialists, communists, radicals, and so on—constitute less than half, or 18% to be more accurate.

These are tough numbers for the political landscape. In some respects, we and others have noted, progressives realize that they may be in their final lap. They had a great time with FDR and LBJ, when sociological pendula swung in their favor. Carter was a terrible disappointment, and Reagan was a disaster for them. Hope sprung anew with Clinton, and many of the current liberal progressives in Congress today were elected under the Free Money 90s, when there seemed to be millions of dollars for everyone, and we could entertain the Boomers and their crazy welfare schemes. But Clinton pushed too hard, too far on behalf of the liberal progressives, and quickly mellowed out. While conservatives disliked Clinton, common liberals loved him, but liberal progressives hated him for being a turncoat.

Bush was (for them) the Reagan nightmare all over again. At least Reagan was a little affable—they saw Bush as a crusader, a blood-thirsty conservative who needed to be shut down through threats, ridicule, dismissal, and pressure. Too bad they failed to realize that Bush was among the most moderate and impressionable conservatives in a long time. But the campagin worked: the 2006 elections put in more crazed liberals and weak conservatives, setting the table for 2008.

Obama was quickly seen as the perfect candidate; he was not Hillary, who was after all a Clinton (let alone a woman). Young, energetic, persuasive, and a bit of a rock star—a narcissist whose ego would allow him to be controlled easily. They could finally put through every pet liberal project rotting in desk drawers since the 1970s.

Unfortunately, the demography of the country was not so easily controlled. Roughly two-thirds of the country hate Obamacare. Roughly two-thirds are against the President as a candidate. Roughly two-thirds of the Democratic candidates running in 2010 were ousted. Because roughly two-thirds of the country has had enough. The liberals have shot the wad with each and every argument—sociological, political, and economic—and it has been a bust. Think about it: they were desperate enough to try Keynesian economics. Talk about last ditch: Keynes is like drinking yourself sober.

The Gallup poll may not spell out the renaissance of American conservativism, but the numbers are indeed in there. And this is getting painfully hard for liberals to ignore or shout down: this country is headed for better times, whether they want it or not.

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